Sell Your Books and Earn Money -Study Pool App.

Sell your books and earn money -Study pool App. Most people today like to work from home. Women in particular are thinking about how to make money by working from home. Unlike in the past, today there are a lot of people who are educators. That is why many people are looking for a suitable job.

There are many online job sites available but the truth is that many of them are fake. Once you have applied for the job, ask for the money and then realize that it is a fake. The number of people who have lost money in this way is not small. Therefore, finding a reliable job is not easy.

Books are important at the time of studies. But after studies they are useless. But now technology is grown up. So you can sell your books online and earn a good amount of money. Thus earn try to earn a good amount sell books.

Benefits Of Using Study pool App

  • Sell all kinds of study material.
  • upload and sort in Zip file.
  • Make a good amount of profit.
  • You can sell the notes multiple times.
  • Best user interface.

Here is a business idea that you can start with a lot of confidence if you are a very educated person. You can earn a good income from this. Here is an introduction to a website called Study Pool.

You can make money selling your books and notes through a website called Study Pool. Up to $ 5,000 can be raised from this. You can sell any documents related to the study here. That means you can sell old question papers, books, assignments, and anything.

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Now you think that only books in English can be sold. But you can sell books and notes in any language through this. Not only this, with the help of books you can do great work.

That means all such books and notes can stand here no matter what you have learned about cooking or interior designing. You can also sell your previous assignments here.

Let’s see how the documents should be uploaded. First, create an account in the study pool. Then the required notes can be uploaded and issued. It should be sorted here and uploaded. Zip format must be used. But if you do not have time to sort, the study pool itself provides an option.

More than 10 million students use this platform. Therefore, it is likely that more people will use the notes. You can upload notes any number of times. Initially sell notes for small amounts. You can then add money depending on the sale.

The notes you have sold can be withdrawn if there is a fixed amount of money. For this, you can choose different platforms like PayPal and pioneer.

Create an account and go to the main page to upload your books. Then Drag and drop the required documents. You can upload as many notes as you want. Money can be withdrawn very easily.

You can earn a great deal of money by uploading all the books and assignments you learned in college and school to the study pool website without wasting it.


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