Solar water pump for Agriculture and farm use.

Solar water pump for Agriculture and farm use. In Kerala, agriculture is the main source of income for many people. Therefore, water pumps are needed to pump water to farms and homes. But in the current scenario, the current bill is coming at a higher rate. This creates problems for the common man to use electricity for agricultural purposes.

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But today most households have started using solar products. There are many devices such as fans, lights, and AC that work with solar panels. The fact is that the solar bill pays only half of the normal electricity bill.

In addition, KSEB is presenting its own solar energy projects. In this way, the required electricity can be generated for the house using solar panels and the rest can be supplied to KSEB.

The principle behind working solar pumps is the photovoltaic principle. It absorbs solar energy and converts it into an electric current. It transfers solar energy to current energy. A solar-based water pump is more efficient than the usual plan. The solar pumps are more environmentally friendly than usual pumps. Usually in rural areas used diesel engines. But solar pumps can be used to replace these. There are mainly three types of solar pumps used.

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Different types of solar pumps

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  • Surface solar pump.
  • AC solar pump.
  • DC solar pump.
  • Submersible Solar Pump.

How to work a Solar water pump?

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Lack of water is a major problem faced by the farms during the summer. In such cases, the pump may need to be used longer to draw water from a distance. So you have to pay a huge electricity bill. But one solution is a solar water pump that can be used on farms and homes.

A special solar pump of 200 watts is used for this purpose. It uses a power capacity of 24 volts. The battery is set inside the pump and works. The pump can be used up to a depth of 40 feet.

The upper bouts featured two ways, for easier access to the higher frets. It has the capacity to supply up to 5000 liters of water per hour. It takes so little time to fill a 1000 liter tank that fills so much water in an hour.

Panels starting from 250 volts are required to work the pump. The maximum head is 12 m. The motor works with an 8.4 A current. The motor comes with a six-year warranty.

Depending on how you do it, the cable should be connected to the solar panel. Now it is important to pay special attention to avoid switching between positive and negative. Then connect the cable to the pump and place it down.

Initially, you can take a bucket of water and put it down to see if the pump is working. Then after making sure that it is working, you can go down to the well. When the sun is low, the pressure is less for the water to come out. But when it is hot, water comes in at high pressure. For more information, you can watch the video given below.


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