5 lakh house plan in Kerala – Nature – Friendly Houses

5 lakh budget house plan: Owning a home is everyone’s dream. But often the problem for many is that they do not have the financial means to build a house. So many people stay in rented houses. But if you have the money to pay for it, you can buy a house by paying EMI. Nature – Friendly Houses at an Affordable price are many one’s dream.

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But many people think that even if it is a small house, it will cost a lot of money. And often you do not have to have a house the way you want it to. Most people want a home that is in harmony with nature. The house can be made at a low cost. but nowadays most of them want luxurious houses.

Ecofriendly houses are a better option. That helps us to live with nature. And also the materials are eco-friendly. so it will reduce the heat and made a cooling effect. the structure of the houses makes a nostalgic feeling. Thus most of them want houses of such type.

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5 Lakh House Plan : Importance of Choosing Nature-Friendly Houses

  • Good structure and cooling effect.
  • Nature-friendly atmosphere.
  • Nostalgic look.
  • Pollution-free environment.
  • Constructed using natural stones.

Here is a different concept in house construction. This means that there are about 59 houses located close to nature. Another feature of the houses is that they are built in harmony with nature.

At the same time, 59 houses with hospitals and low-lying airport facilities are located on 2.4 acres.
The houses here are built knowing the needs of everyone. That is why four-story houses and one-room houses have been built here. The main entrance is provided to enter the house.

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All houses are built in harmony with nature and trees. There is a large alley at the very front of the house. The backyards of the houses are usually provided with soil. Today’s homes are mainly used for yard interlock shops. This causes the heat to build up.

Those who come home are provided with an earthen jar outside for drinking water. All the houses are on the same floor. The roof of all the houses is bricked. There will be no upstairs like that.

But the other construction of the house is done using three layers of concrete. It has 28 four-story houses and 21 one-room houses. Lots of trees and vegetables have been provided around the houses.

It is full of trees so the house gets good cooling. The construction method of the house is also given in a cooling manner. Therefore there will be no summer problems. The Chalakudy River flows at one end of the road.

Everyone can make small changes to the house at will. But if you want to change it, then so be it. Normal bricks were used to build the house. These houses completely provide a nature-friendly atmosphere.

For those who want to own a house in harmony with nature, Ernakulam Moozhikulam is definitely a place to choose from. The house starts at Rs 5 lakh. Watch the video to know more.

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