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Used premium cars at an affordable rate – Auto Heaven. Owning a car is everyone’s dream. Many people especially want to own a luxury car. But not everyone will be able to afford such cars at full price. That’s when everyone started looking for premium quality used cars.

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But while choosing a premium quality used cars, there are several things to keep in mind. That is, they should be re-registered and checked for any kind of damage. Introducing a showroom where you can get premium branded cars with full confidence.

Things to check before buying a used car

  • Quality of the engine, tire, and other parts.
  • Total distance running.
  • Accident replacement history.
  • Total cost and EMI options.
  • Reregister car needs NOC and permission from the registration department.
  • Previous ownership details.

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In addition to the Innova, Benz, BMW, and other premium cars are also available in the used car segment.
For new car buyers for the launched offers, accessories worth Rs 10,000 are offered from here for a month. Or a full tank of oil will be pumped.

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Although the vehicles are re-registered, the NOC has purchased them from the registered office here. So there are no problems. Innova cars start selling here from Rs 2 lakh.

The Innova Chrysta introduced the 2019 G4 model for the first time. It is a re-registered car. The total distance covered was 62000 km. The vehicle which was earlier registered in Karnataka is now registered in Kerala. No rework has been done for the car on Second Ownership. The asking price is Rs 15,35000.

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The next model to be introduced is the 2018 model Innova Crysta. The total distance covered was 66,000 km. The car with single ownership has got noc. The asking price is Rs.11,70,000. A finance facility will be available.

The 2017 model Innova Crysta is priced at Rs 11,85,000. The car has no accident, replacement history.

The next car is the 2017 model One Point Five Liter Skoda Rapida. The car which has covered 105000 km is registered in Thiruvananthapuram. The asking price for a car with no rework replacement is Rs 6,70,000. But with this comes the offer.

The next car is the 2015 G4 model Innova. The car is registered in Thiruvananthapuram has covered 175000 km. The price of a car owned by a single owner is nine lakh and thirty thousand rupees. Finance facility up to Rs. 8.5 lakhs is available.

In case of used cars, quality is an important thing. Thus please check all the parts. The rework and accident cars do not choose maximum. Because in the future lot of problems want to face. If the car is from another state please reregister it. otherwise many problems want to face in the future.

Those who want to buy premium branded used cars at such a low price can contact’ Auto Heavens’ in Thiruvananthapuram. Watch the video to know more about vehicles. Here you can get premium car brands from 2 lakh Rupees. And also they provide loan facilities and a reregistration process. Most of the cars are in good condition. Long-distance customers can enquire first. then the availability can be confirmed. some cars get 80% of the loan according to the customer bank history.



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