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What I need to know before starting a business? Many people think that should start their own business.Below the Malayalam video ⇓ Many jobs have been dropped and many will go to business. But if you have family difficulties, you have to think about leaving jobs. Because every step of the business should be kept perfectly. If not, you may get dismissed. Here are a few things to keep in mind.Today I tell you some things to note. Share them usefully.

When you leave your job, you lose a monthly income. If your family is dependent on your income, it can cause many financial difficulties. Therefore, money must be charged for a minimum of one year without leaving the job.Credit card and debit card debt, all your debt liabilities must also be terminated before leaving the job. Special funds should be kept in order to close loans and mortgages.

Write down the costs of big and small every day. This will help you find unnecessary expenses and reduce them. Preparation of the Monthly Budget and Financial Safeguarding will be ensured.It is good to have a medical insurance on your own. Ensure that at least 25 to 30 lakhs insurance cover and accident insurance up to Rs 50 lakh and a loan term loan of Rs. Because these are the future assumptions.

Do not settle the money you have at first for business expansion. If you feel that your business is going to be good, get more money for business. Or it could be that some great loses. Many of those who are borrowing more and more borrowers make jumping decisions. So, after the detailed assessment, the money should be made to the business. Profit is the main goal of business. Keep in mind that it is possible to fall into the pit even if you’re overly excessive for doing this. Do not leave me without understanding.watch the Malayalam video .

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