Low Price All Power Tools Are Available in Kerala

Low Price All Power Tools Are Available in Kerala . Power tools for housework and other necessities come at a high price in regular shops. Especially cutter machines are very difficult to get in our place. Moreover, many things do not have quality. Therefore, it is necessary to buy at a high price and then damage. Sometimes it is enough to change the parts. But the thing is that they are not available in shops.

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Here’s an introduction to a shop where you can find all the power tools you need for home construction and carpentry at low prices. Power tools of different brands are available here in different sizes.

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Tool grinders starting from Rs 1200 are available here. Of these, 12 brands are available. Different sized power grinders can be selected at will. The largest of these comes in 5.5-inch sizes.

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Wireless drills of various sizes are available here at low prices. The 12-volt driller is priced at Rs.1800 You can choose from up to Rs 3800. These can be operated without the need for electricity. It uses a rechargeable battery. It can be used for drilling for two to two and a half hours if the battery is charged for one and a half hours. Such products are available here in the same quality as brands like Total.

Marble cutters used to cut tiles and marble start at Rs. 1500. These can be selected from up to eight brands. The maximum price is Rs 3,800. Prices will vary depending on the size. Of these, you can choose from Rs 1200 and Rs 1800 as required.

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Chainsaws can be purchased from Rs 4,600. These can be selected at a price of up to Rs 9000. These vary depending on the brand and quality. The chain saw that works at 58cc are priced at Rs 4,600.

The GAOCHECK brand is priced at Rs 7,200. Many of these brands are available. The lower the CC, the lower the price also. These are all machines that are very easy to operate.

CC low chainsaw is available in the shop from Rs. 1200. It is available in different models like RE and RENA.
All you have to do is opt for the Hyper Max, which costs Rs 2,000 for general use.

A home spray paint machine is available here in a variety of sizes. Anything can be painted with these in a very short period of time. The price of the paint spraying machine is around Rs.2200.

The trimmer needed for woodworking is available here at a low price. Gypsum wood can be easily cut with this. The speed can be increased or decreased.

Welding machines start at Rs 4,500. You can choose from a variety of sizes and models. The price of a large welding machine is Rs.9800.

The small marble cutter is available for Rs 1800. It can be used for all household purposes. Can be easily used to cut firewood, especially in small quantities. It’s a simple machine that even women can use.

There is also a putty machine and a large rental concrete blasting machine available here. Most of them weigh more than 5 kg.

AFRAS Power Tools in Palakkad is definitely a shop to choose from for those who are looking for all kinds of power tools at a very affordable price. Before you plan a product, you can make sure that it is in the shop by texting through WhatsApp. The contact number is given below. Watch the video to know more.

Contact- 6282039188


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