Drive the Vehicle without Book and Paper Fine Procedure

Drive the vehicle without book and paper fine procedure. The RC Book, Insurance Pollution Certificate, and driving license are some of the most important documents required when a vehicle is on the road in our country. Failure to do so will result in a hefty fine if the vehicle is impounded. In particular, the Union Ministry of Transport is now cracking down on those who do not obey with traffic rules.

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Is It Necessary to Pay the Fine on Time without A Book and Paper in The Drive?

But today all the documents related to driving are available through online Apps. Therefore, even if you forget to pick up the papers during checking, the documents can be shown on the phone through such applications.

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Not only that, if for any reason you forget to pick up your book and paper and get caught, you do not have to pay the fine immediately. That is, if the book and paper between the checks are not produced, the owner is legally given a 15-day grace period.

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Nowadays the road accidents are increasing. So all the road rules are very strict. Because most of them violate the traffic rules. It will make accidents. Recent days back the government said that both the person in 2 wheeler want a helmet. But most of them do not obey this rule. Also, the seat belt is compulsory in cars. Similarly, no one cares about this.

Actually, all the traffic rules are good for us.But no one knows to understand this thing. It will make various problems. Please take all the necessary documents before starting a drive.

Important documents need to keep while driving

  • Rc book of the vehicle.
  • Driving license of the person who drives the car.
  • pollution certificate.
  • Registration-related paper.
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Not only that but sometimes you get caught like this while giving the vehicle to others but it is enough to produce the documents within 15 days. Otherwise, you do not have to pay the fine immediately stated by the traffic police. Or if you are being forced to pay a fine, you can approach legal action against them.

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All you have to do is submit the original documents requested to you at the time of checking within 15 days. If not, you will need to provide a certified copy. All you have to do is send a certified copy of what the officer asks you to do through registered post.

If you forgot to take the book and paper in your possession, you do not have to pay the fine immediately. Instead, it should be produced within 15 days. But if a vehicle is without a book and paper, it will result in severe punishment. In addition, driving without a driver’s license can result in a large fine.

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But the truth is that if you keep a copy of all the documents using any application like Digilocker you will not face any such problems. Please keep all the relevant records along with driving. Because it will definitely helpful in case of accident or other problems happens. All the traffic rules are made for human safety. the actual thing is no one care about these things. Be careful and obey the traffic rules.

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