Latest Update About Lpg Gas Cylinder Subsidy and Benefits

Latest update about LPG gas Cylinder Subsidy and Benefits. The daily rise in petrol and diesel prices has hit the common man hard. At the same time, an LPG subsidy has not been provided for the last two and a half years. That is why all kinds of fuels in the country have to pay a huge price. But it is not possible to move forward without LPG. Subsidies were waived in its name, especially during the covid epidemic. The subsidy received by LPG was a great relief to those in rural areas and elsewhere.

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Is the LPG subsidy coming back?

But in the last budget presentation, news came that the gas subsidy was going to be reinstated. Most people expected the subsidy to be available as early as this month. But none of these announcements were included in the budget.

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But the gas subsidy has not been reinstated. Such news is just fake. But the only consolation is that the price of a gas cylinder has not increased in the last two months.

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in the last few months, there has been an increase in the price of gas cylinders used for business purposes. So the thing everyone was afraid of was whether it would come in cylinders for household use. Anyway, no such thing has happened.

But the price of a Cylinder is likely to go up at any time. Similarly, petrol and diesel prices are likely to go up. At present, a gas cylinder costs around Rs 900. There is no doubt that this is beyond the reach of the average family. The price of a gas cylinder is likely to be above Rs 1,000.

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But with the coming of the City Gas Gail project, everyone thinks there will be a solution. With the implementation of the GAIL project, gas can be delivered from Karnataka to Kochi by cable. It’s almost done.

Gas can be delivered at a low cost to all households in the district through which this pipeline passes. In the first phase, the scheme will be implemented in some districts only. It is planned to supply gas to other districts of Kerala through cable later.

If gas supply is started through such a scheme, it would normally cost only 40 percent per cylinder. Therefore, many are wondering whether the project will be implemented as soon as possible. Or there is no doubt that the return of the gas subsidy will be a great relief to the people.

At the time of the election, most of the parties offer various kinds of offers.but after that, they forgot about such things. And making decisions will make troubles for ordinary people. The best example is in the case of fuel and LPG.initially they provide subsidies for gas cylinders. So in rural areas people also choose LPG. But after that, they increased the price and avoid the subsidy.

Benefits of LPG subsidy

  • The original price of the cylinder is affordable.
  • The subsidy amount is credited into a bank account.
  • In rural areas also most people choose the LPG syllinders.
  • If the price is a little bit increased not affect the people.
  • Help to reduce the day-by-day expenses.



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