business loan in Kerala without security – KFC Loan Scheme

Business Loan in Kerala without Security – Kfc Loan Scheme : Many have returned to their homelands after losing their jobs as a result of the covid crisis. Moreover, for those who did small business in the country, it caused huge losses. In such a situation many people think of starting a venture with low investment.

But finding the money needed for this is not an easy task. If you approach banks for a loan, they will charge you a hefty interest rate. Also, you may have to pay something as collateral.

But Kerala Financial Corporation Business Loan is now offering various types of loans. Here is a loan of Rs 1 lakh given by KFC without any collateral. Find out who can apply for this program.

KFC Loan Scheme and Benefits

  • Most of the schemes are suitable for small companies.
  • The start-up companies get loans without collateral.
  • The loan procedure is very simple.
  • The interest rate is less compared to banks.
  • The repayments are done through the UPI application.
  • The repayment period is long when compared to other banks.


Who are eligible for a KFC Loan Scheme without collateral?

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Loans up to Rs. 1 lakh provided by KSEB do not require any collateral. Also, the loan amount will be credited to the account within seven days.

It is difficult to find the right start-up, especially to start small businesses. Ordinary banks have to pay a huge amount of interest when they rely on loans. But this is a loan scheme provided by KFC without any collateral to such small entrepreneurs.

KFC offers such loans to those who want to start a new venture. The loan is available without any collateral. It is known that about two thousand people can get this benefit.

Preference is given to certain applicants for this one loan. Loans are preferred mainly for women, disabled people, transgender, and other categories. The first installment of the loan will be available within the first week.

The loan repayment period is three years. That is, the repayment period is 36 months. The interest rate is only 7%.

Life is a monthly refund through UPI applications such as Google Pay. You do not have to go directly to the bank for that. About 400 projects are operating under the KFC scheme. The loan amount can be used for all these. The official status of this was announced by KFC Chief Executive Officer Tomin J. Thachankari.

Another peculiarity is that one-third of the applicants are women. Those who wish to apply should contact KFC along with the application form, required identification documents, and project report. You can visit the KFC branch in your district for more information. Alternatively, you can visit the KFC website. More information is available at Watch the video to know more.

This scheme is mainly designed for the upliftment of Startups. So anyone can be applied for this scheme with minimum documents. but be sure you have a strong Business plan. Otherwise, it is possible to reject the application. If you have any kind of doubts regarding the scheme feel free to contact the KFC branch. they will provide the exact guidelines and help to build your project.



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