Sumitram Loan Scheme for Kerala Minorities

Sumitram Loan Scheme for Kerala Minorities for different needs. The Central and State Governments are formulating various schemes for the benefit of the minorities in Kerala. The government provides various types of loans through ksmdfc mainly to Christian, Muslims, Parsi, Sikhs. Sumitram Loan Scheme for Kerala Minorities for different needs is available now.

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Sumitram Loan Scheme launched by the Government of Kerala with a focus on the Kerala Minorities. This will provide low-interest-rate loans for the marriage needs and medical expenses of the children of minorities and others.

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What is Sumitram Loan Scheme?

The Sumitram Scheme is a financial assistance scheme provided by ksmdfc to various religious minorities under the Minority Development Finance Corporation.

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The parents of children belonging to minority communities can get Rs. 5 lakhs at a 6% interest rate for their marriage needs and up to Rs. 5 lakhs at a 5% interest rate for those suffering from various diseases.

In addition, the Sumitram scheme provides loans to those who have lost their jobs due to the covid crisis to find self-employment. Understand each project in detail.

How to apply for a Sumitram Marriage loan?

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The marriage loan category is a loan provided by ksmdfc for the marriage needs of the children of minority parents. Under another scheme, girls can get a loan of up to Rs 5 lakh at 6% interest for their wedding needs.

Those who wish to apply for this scheme can download the application form through the website Download the Marriage Loan section when you open the website.

Here’s the exact method of applying for a loan. After reading and understanding it, you need to contact the Ksmdfc office in your district where everything is properly filled out and the documents are included. An interview will then be conducted to determine if you are eligible for the loan. The loan amount will then be credited to the bank account.

How to apply for a Sumitram Covid loan?

This is a loan that can be used by minority families returning home after losing their jobs due to covid to start their own business. For finding and expanding self-employment, a loan of Rs. 5 lakhs at 5% interest is available.

Those who wish to apply for this scheme can open the ksmdfc website and download the covid Loan form provided on it. After reading and filling in all the information given in it, it can be sent to the District Minority Development Office as a register. There will be an interview if you feel the application is eligible. The amount will then be credited to the account.

How to apply for Sumitram treatment Loan?

A treatment loan is a scheme used to treat people suffering from various ailments belonging to minorities. Through this Rs. 5 lakhs will be received at 5 percent interest. Those who wish to apply need to download the form from the ksmdfc website, fill it out correctly and submit it to the office. These applications must be accompanied by a written affidavit. After checking all the documents provided and confirming that the loan is eligible for a loan, the loan amount will be credited to the bank account after one appointment.

In addition, the education allowance for children belonging to this category has been increased from `20 lakh to` 30 lakh. Similarly, the interest rate on housing loans has been reduced from 8 percent to 6 percent. The annual income for various purpose projects has been reduced to Rs. 6 lakhs.

Download the completed application form and send it by post or directly to the Regional Office of the Corporation. If you have any queries regarding the Sumitram project, you can contact at the number given below. For more information and download the form visit the link given below. Sumitram Loan Scheme is very useful for minorities in Kerala.

Contact- 0471-2324232



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