Property Registration and important Documents

Property Registration and important Documents. You will have to buy or sell land at least once in your life. Disputes often arise over inherited property. But often many people do not understand what to look for when registering a land. Therefore, it can lead to big problems in the future. Property Registration and important documents are a very important part.

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Whether you get the property by inheritance or any other means, you must register once you receive it. Only then will it get to your name if you move on. But often many do not pay attention to it.

If a property is inherited but everyone in the family is entitled to it. Not only that but the property is available as a gift but it has to be registered in your name. Then if you want to cancel it for any reason both of you need to sign. Let’s see what you need to know about registering a place like this.

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What are the things to know before Property Registration?

Find out exactly in whose name the land you are buying is in. Otherwise, it can lead to big problems in the future. That is, make sure to buy only after making sure that it is in the name of the person giving the name.

Prepare to buy only after seeing the original document of the land. It does not matter if you look at the copy of the document and understand the land.

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Often this type of copy will show you if the basis of a place is a bank mortgage or something. Otherwise, they may not be the original owner.

The receipt of payment of land must be carefully checked. Because it can tell if there is any kind of debt in the bank. At the same time, the place has a lot to do with foreclosure, but it is possible to know. The evidence also shows who has taken the loan and whether it has been repaid.

Check if there is an exact path to the place you intend to buy. Sometimes the other part of the house may have been given the way. This can lead to big problems in the future. Certificate of Liability must be obtained from the Registrar’s Office.

If you are determined to buy a place, you must write an agreement for that price. Otherwise, it may sometimes lead to higher prices in the future and selling to others.

When writing an agreement, be sure to write down the advance amount, the balance due, and the date of transfer of the land. Two witnesses are required when registering the evidence.

Pay special attention to whether the land has the exact boundaries of the place and the way. When registering a document, make sure that it is done in accordance with the Registration Act and the document Act.

Now document can be written on its own, or it can be written in writing by a government-registered person. All you have to do is ask for the exact writing fee and submit it

Make sure there are no complaints from people attached to the place of purchase. If you are buying a house or land, you need to get a receipt to make sure that both of them are taxed. Property Registration is a very important part while buying or selling land.

Ask about the Property Registration fee and the fee for writing the document. Only after you register a place and affidavit out of the village office will it become your property legally. Be sure to know such things before registering the land. For more information watch the video.


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