Share Your Mobile Screen Easily with The Share Screen

Share your Mobile Screen easily with the Share Screen. There are very few people today who do not use a smartphone. But often senior citizens do not need to know exactly how to use a smartphone. Also often changes in phone settings can cause small changes and big problems. In such a situation, the first thing we do is try to fix the phone on our own. But often it is a big failure.

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The next step is to fix the phone with the help of a trusted techy friend. The phone may have problems that can be easily fixed by someone who is technically knowledgeable about the smartphone. But we often do not understand the instructions they give us.

Especially when it comes to the options in the phone’s settings, each phone will have its own set of options. The names of the icons may vary. But today there are applications available to help you understand someone’s suggestions by showing them on our screen.

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How to use the Share Screen option on your phone?

This option is also available in most video support applications. Google Meet, zoom, and Telegram can all be used for this.

It can be used in all online classes and meetings when any kind of presentation is required. This will allow someone else to see the entire screen of your phone on their phone.

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It’s much easier if the screen is shared using a telegram. To do this, open the application. Then select the contact with whom you want to share the screen. Make a voice call.

When the call is done, click on the Sharing screen button below. Now you will see a message related to screen sharing. Please allow this.

Click the Start now button. From now on your phone screen will start to share to someone else’s phone. You can then repair the phone according to the instructions they give you.

What is not normally understood can be done by sharing the screen with the right options. And they can understand all the people given on your phone very accurately. Such a feature is very useful for understanding and giving directions when problems are mentioned.

The share screen is also available in video call applications other than Telegram. Any information on your phone can be easily accessed by someone else by sharing a screen like this. But this can only be done with your permission. Whenever you need to stop the screen share then the screen share will turn off with the shop now button.

Share screen is a good option that can be used in a very useful way in emergencies. The role that the share plays in making the class easier for teachers in online classes also.

Benefits of Share Screen features

  • No additional settings are required for this feature.
  • Anyone can easy to do this task.
  • Very simple methods are used.
  • In teaching presentations, it is a very useful tool.
  • problems can be shared through a screen.
  • Anytime you can stop the sharing of the screen.
  • The entire screen can be seen and accessed by the other person.

For more details watch the video.



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