Home Heat Reducing Techniques and Tips

Home heat reducing techniques and tips. Summer has come. Most homes now require a full-time fan or AC usage. Especially in concrete houses where the heat goes down and you can’t even sit during the daytime
. But running the fan and AC using electricity all the time can lead to huge electricity bills. Home heat reducing techniques and tips.

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In the past, most of the houses in our country were made of mud. So the truth is that they have never felt so hot in summer. Terrace houses are always hotter. But one thing to note here is that the heat is often felt only inside the house. It does not feel so hot when you go outside. It is possible to reduce the heat coming into the house by paying attention to certain things. Home heat reducing techniques and tips are very useful.

Reasons for Heat Inside Home

  • Concrete roofing.
  • Not have enough air holes.
  • Use dark color paints inside the home.
  • Home situated in a sunlight area.

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How to reduce heat inside the home?

Concrete roofed houses experience more heat. Usually, the temperature inside the house is lower until 10 am, but by 11:00 the temperature will gradually increase. This means that the heat absorbed from the outside only slowly reaches the walls.

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However, if white paint is applied to the roof, about five percent of the total heat will be absorbed. However, the rest of the heat will reflect down as well.

Another method that can be tried to reduce the heat of the house is to cut the coconut leaves and place them on the terrace. For this, a large leaf wants to use for this.

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Most concrete houses now have sheet metal on top. Doing so also helps to reduce the heat inside the house to some extent. This often leads to problems such as water leakage later on. In ordinary homes, everything is in the way it is now mostly used.

Another method that can be tried to open the heat is to place each exhaust fan on either side of a room. That is, one fan fits the heat and another fan fits the heat out. Doing so will ensure good ventilation inside the room. This helps to reduce the heat.

The construction of the house is complete but this method can be tried. You can screw and install the exhaust fan yourself using a core cutting machine. All you have to do is use a four-inch or 6-inch size fan.

But the main thing is that the exhaust fan only operates after the windows and doors are completely closed. Also, if you open the window and door and turn on the exhaust, the heat will not go.

There is no particular benefit to using a ceiling fan when it is hot. Because the roof is hot and the wind coming from the fan is hot. This is because when the roof heats up, all the heat from it is blown down by the wind when the fan is turned on.

In many homes like this, water coolers are used to cool the room. It works by using water and therefore often causes infections in children and others when exposed to air.

Many people choose AC for quick cooling in the room. It is now available in many styles and models. Centralized AC can be provided at home if you are willing to spend more money. But these need huge costs. And also want to pay a huge electricity bill.

Using these Home heat reducing techniques you can reduce the heat in your home. For more watch the video.



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