Teak Doors and Windows Lowest Price Shop-Essens Land in Kerala

Teak Doors and Windows Lowest Price Shop-Essens Land in Kerala. A home is everyone’s dream. That is why everyone gives importance to choosing the materials needed for homework. Many people especially want to buy doors and windows made of good wood like teak. Teak Doors and Windows lowest price Shop-Essens Land.

Doors and windows, usually made of good wood, are a high price to pay in stores. Or if you call a carpenter at home and make it, all the wages will be a large sum. When choosing doors and windows from shops, it is often not known what material is used in them.

It is said that most furniture shops use teak and mahogany trees. But they often get damaged after a short period of use. Not only that, but often we do not get the doors and windows we want. But here’s an introduction to a place where teak doors and windows with good carvings are affordable prices.

Things to check before choosing a Door and Window

  • Quality of the wood used.
  • Material Thickness.
  • Size of the material.
  • Warranty period.

How to get teak wood furniture at an affordable price?

Doors are available in the shop in a variety of designs, combining old and new. All of these are made of original teak. Therefore, there is no doubt about the quality.

The teak in white single doors is available at the shop for Rs 5500. These are essential of good quality as well. Doors of different designs are available in the shop at the same price.

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There is a reason why teak products are so cheap to get here. In other words, the big teak in the old houses is brought in with pillars and used to make new doors here. Therefore, a new teak timber can be purchased at a reasonable price and of good quality.

Doors are not made by mixing teak with any other wood. Therefore, there can be no doubt about the quality. From here you can choose different types of teak doors in your favorite model. Doors made of teak and mahogany for Rs.4000 can also be selected from the shop.

There are several models available in the shop for the front doors of the house. And if you come up with something out of the ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. Those who need pictures of God on the front door can be told and done. Many of these models have been made here.

The carved double door model is made of one-and-a-half-inch thick boards. These are known as slabs. The double door price starts at Rs.13000.

Shutter-type doors made of mahogany are priced at Rs 1500. These should fit in a ready-made form. A large collection of boards can be seen here.

Those who want to buy teak doors and windows at such a low price can contact ‘Essens Land’ in Vallapuzha, Palakkad district. These doors and windows are made of teak wood and can be delivered anywhere in Kerala. Labour will also be given from here to fit. Watch the video to know more. The contact number is given below.

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