Room Cooling Technique Using Exhaust Fans

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Room Cooling Technique Using Exhaust Fans. Heat experienced at night is a major problem that we face in our homes during the hot summer months. Or even if the fan is used, the situation is the same. The only benefit of using a fan, AC all the time is that the current bill goes up sharply. Room Cooling Technique Using Exhaust Fans is very effective.

Not only that, even if the fan is used inside concrete buildings, hot air comes from it. Therefore, there is no significant benefit from using a fan. The only thing that happens here is that all the heat that stays during the day is circulated through the fan. Room Cooling Technique Using Exhaust Fans is an easy method.

But with a little technique, you can make the rooms in your home cool without being used. Understand exactly how technology works and what it requires. Room Cooling Technique Using Exhaust Fans can be done without any technical knowledge.

Different Technologies Used for Heat Resistance

  • Use white paint on the roof of the terrace.
  • Water the rooftop at night time.
  • Use the Coconut leaves on the terrace.
  • A roofing sheet can be used.

How to reduce the heat in rooms using exhaust fans?

This means that the heat in the room can be reduced by fitting 2 exhaust fans in a room. Each fan has to hit in two directions. In this one fan absorbs the hot air coming in and expels it through the other fan. This helps to reduce the heat.

Exhaust fans are now available in a variety of sizes and models. These include exhaust fans that work in reverse, forward mode. But here’s how to reduce the heat with an exhaust fan running on the forward model.

Exhaust fans can be fitted with small concrete cutters without the need for any major technical knowledge. But when fitting these should look in the exact directions and give in two parts. Or will not work properly. Fans can also be attached to the window from both sides.

Also, if the room needs to be cooled with exhaust fans, make sure all windows and doors are closed. There is no point in doing this openly.

Exhaust fans can be fitted to two-sided windows in a bedroom. This involves pulling the wind in one direction and expelling the hot air in the other direction.

It is best not to use a metal body when choosing exhaust fans. This is because once they are selected, the loudest sound comes when the fan rotates. It will be exciting at night and so on. Especially when two fans are fed this way the noise coming from it will be much louder.

If non-reverse fans are used, they will have to be fitted externally. Or if it is the reverse type then this is not a problem. At first, the fan only fits with the frame. Then you have to give it a fan fit.

Then cardboard should be fitted to the frame to prevent air from entering. Or cause air to seep in. When opening a window, be sure to close all visible areas. Or there is no point in doing this method.

A ribbon can be attached to a fan to test the strength of the wind. Then when you turn on the fan, you can see how much wind is blowing into the fan. You can test the air in the other fan in the same way.

They are able to absorb cold air from outside at night. This way you can cool the room even if you use AC in hot weather. Moreover, it comes at a very low cost when compared with AC. Watch the video to know how it works and how it fits. Room Cooling Technique Using Exhaust Fans is a very effective and easy method.

Things To Check Fitting For an Exhaust Fan

  • Try to avoid steel metal fans.
  • Close the window holes correctly.
  • Use cardboard to cover the outside.
  • fan attached in opposite directions.

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