AC Usage and Selection Criteria – Tips and Use

AC Usage and Selection Criteria – Tips and Use. Most homes use AC during the summer season. In the present scenario, the monthly electricity bill is very high. Therefore, full-time use of AC, the fan is likely to increase current consumption. But there are several things to keep in mind when choosing an AC.

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If these factors are taken into consideration, the cost of using AC can be reduced. Especially which model AC to choose. How to select the AC according to the size, brand, etc. Ask a technician to understand what to use to keep you cool and to make a choice.AC Usage and Selection Criteria – Tips and Use are important.

Classification of Ac

  • Domestic Ac
  • Commercial purpose A

How to choose an AC for Home Use?

The AC should be selected according to the size of each room. That is, the AC should be selected according to the ton age. Of these, one ton and one and half-ton of cases are available in the market. But you need to measure the size of your room to determine the ton of AC. If you do not know how to do this on your own, go to the store to buy an AC only after measuring it accurately with someone’s help.

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In the present scenario, most of the houses are built in rooms requiring one ton of AC capacity. Using an air conditioner only means air-conditioned. But for many, the only thing they understand is that its cooling matter.

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Then it should be set at the required temperature for the body and used. That means getting the right amount of purified air.

There are various types of AC available in the market now. That is, many ACs offer a humidity control specification. Once you have got the bedroom size then you need to know to choose the AC with more cooling capacity.

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The cooling capacity of an AC is determined by the thermal unit. Therefore the required AC in each room can be found in this way. Nowadays most people choose which AC to use less power. Because in the present situation the current bill is so high.

That is, before choosing an AC, know exactly how much power it will use and how much it will cost. In the current scenario ACs are coming with inbuilt inverter technology. You can reduce the power consumption by selecting them.

The stabilizer should be used to protect the voltage coming to the AC. But understand that the stabilizer has no role in reducing the usage of electricity.

Even if the AC is fitted, the heating appliances inside the room often do not get enough cooling. That is, heat from devices such as laptops can cause the AC to cool down.

When fitting the AC, the outdoor unit should be fitted in such a way that it does not get exposed to the sun. But in many homes this is not consider. Also pay attention to the ventilation to the room, the heat, the height of the roof, and how many people are in the room when fitting the AC.

The star rating given to AC will be upgraded every year. That means last year’s Fivestar was upgraded to a three-star. The difference is in the energy efficiency of the ratio.

When an air cooler is used, it cools the particles in the water. Therefore, cold air can often cause illness.

The AC itself falls into a different category. That is, they can be classified as residential AC, domestic AC, and commercial AC. That is, the AC used for home purposes is known as domestic. AC used in the commercial category is what we use in institutions and so on. One ton of AC is required here but can be used as needed.

Definitely be aware of these things before choosing AC. Watch the video to know more.AC Usage and Selection Criteria are very important things.AC Usage and Selection Criteria are major parts.

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  • Room size
  • The number of people inside the room.
  • Roof Top.
  • Humidity.



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