All the Power Tools Cheapest Price Shop – Palakkad

All the Power Tools  Cheapest Price Shop – Palakkad. Power tools are very important for home construction and carpentry. Also, getting the power tools needed for workshop hardware-related jobs is not an easy task. Everyone relies mainly on the market in Coimbatore for power tools. All the Power Tools  Cheapest Price Shop – Palakkad is introduced here.

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There are many such tools in the Tamil Nadu market but it is often not possible to find good shops in them. Not only that, but the cost of traveling that far from our state is different. Once you find a shop, you may not sure find a quality product there. They also say that many power tools are expensive.

If the tools purchased from there are damaged then it is very difficult to take them back. Many devices do not have a service warranty provided by the company. Here is a shop in Kerala that offers power tools at very affordable prices.

Things to Check Before choosing Power Tools

  • Quality of the product.
  • The places where to get all the power tools.
  • Service warranty and guaranty.
  • Replacement Exchange Facility.

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What kind of power tools are available in this shop?

This is a shop where you can get all kinds of power tools at affordable prices. All kinds of power tools, small and large, such as welding machines, demo leisure, and car washer are available in the shop.

The 6mm capacity drilling machine comes at Rs. 1200 The same 10mm is priced at Rs 900 and 13mm is the choice but you have to pay the same price. Still a small drilling machine is more expensive.

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A drilling machine with hammering is also available here. It can be adjusted up to 13mm and used. The same price can be found for a drilling machine operating in reverse mode. That is, they are reversible after being drilled.

All products purchased from here are provided with a six-month service warranty. Therefore, if any part is damaged during this period, it can be easily replaced.

The 58cc chain saw full kit starting price starts at Rs 4,500. These come in a variety of models and capacities to choose from. Everyone can select the essences from here according to their work.

The hand chipping machine starts at Rs 2,400. These are essentially a machine with good weight. Therefore, there is no problem in terms of quality. The full toolkit of the Incco brand is also available in the shop.

All the drills provided in it are of good quality. Other tools are also of good quality. The battery-powered driller starts at Rs 2,300.

Welding machine prices start from Rs 3,500. Also, as the power increases, the price changes slightly. Most of these are priced above Rs 4,000.

Here you can get carpentry mark designing and other usable machines at very low prices. Rotary costs around Rs.3400. The chain saw-only set is available here for Rs.1000.

In addition, home-use word cleaners, car washes, and paint sprayers can all be purchased at a discounted price. The shop also has cutlery that can be used in large buildings and other facilities.

The 3 option driller starts at Rs 2,800. These include motors that can be mounted inside and outside the well. But there is a difference in price between these. The 1 /2hp home-use motor is priced at Rs 1600. The 1 hp motor is priced at Rs 2600.

In addition, there is a shop in Palakkad where you can get all the power tools, big and small, such as tarpaulins and water guns that can be used to wash cars, at very affordable prices. The desired product can be purchased enquire through WhatsApp and then purchased. Watch the video to know more. The number to contact is added below. All the Power Tools  Cheapest Price Shop – Palakkad.

Contact- 6282039188



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