Reregistered Innova Cars Sale at Affordable Price-Thrissur

Reregistered Innova Cars Sale at affordable price-Thrissur. Buying a car is dream come true moment for many people. Most people want to own a car, especially a premium brand. But if you want to buy a new car like this, you have to pay a high price. In such cases, many people think of buying used cars. Reregistered Innova Cars sale at affordable price-Thrissur introduced here.

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But there are several things to keep in mind when buying a used car. This means that most of the vehicles will be registered from other states. Therefore, it is important to make sure that there are no accidents or flood histories. Also, make sure that no major accidents have occurred to the car.

Even if the vehicle is second-hand, it can be purchased only after knowing the vehicle registration year, re-registration information, and RC ownership information. Introducing a showroom in Kerala that offers good quality Innova cars. Find out which vehicles are for sale here and other information.

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Things to check before buying a used car

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  • Ownership information.
  • Flood or accident history.
  • Registration details.
  • Financial part.

What Reregistered Innova cars are available in this shop for sale?

The first car is the 2015 model Toyota Altis. The total number of distance in the tenth month was one lakh kilometers. This is a car from Bombay. The car has only a small amount of scratch. It has been repainted. The price is Rs. 6,85000. The vehicle will be registered and delivered to any RTO office as per the requirement of the customer.

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The next car is the 2010 model Innova. The V model Innova is a re-registered car. It has no major history of accidents. The first run was 1,25,000 km. The asking price is Rs 6 lakh.

The next model to be introduced is the 2015 model G4 Innova, which was launched in November. This car from Maharashtra has only minor scratches. The asking price is seven lakh and sixty thousand rupees. The price is low because of the need for a small amount of scratch work.

The 2015 Model G 4for Innova has been converted into a Kerala registration. The asking price for an all-paper vehicle is Rs 8,95000. The paper will be adjusted as per the requirement of the customer.

The 2015 model G4 Innova with Maharashtra registration can get any fancy number. But you have to pay an advance for the vehicle. The asking price for each of these cars is Rs 8,95000

The 2016 model Innova has all the papers corrected and registered in Kerala. The total mileage is 115000 km. The price of the car with insurance is Rs 9,60,000.

The next car is the 2014 model Innova. It can also be used as a taxi if required. The total distance covered was 160,000 km.

The other car is the 2015 model Gray color Innova. The car with Maharashtra registration has a total mileage of 1,65,000 km. The asking price is Rs 8,90000.

When the 2015 model Silky Golden Innova is registered in Kerala, the price is Rs 8,90000.

The 2016 model Silky Golden Innova has a total mileage of 1,35,000 km. If Kerala is registered with this number, the price of the vehicle is Rs. 9 lakhs and sixty thousand.

Those who want to own a 2014 model silver Innova will have to pay Rs 8,500,000. But this is a good quality car. These are provided with Fortuner-type seats.

The next car to be introduced is the 2014 model Tempo traveler. The 10-seater train has a total distance of 45,000 km. You can buy a car for Rs 6 lakh by clearing all the papers.

Those who want to buy second-hand cars including Innova at such low prices can contact’ Greenland Used Car ‘in Thrissur. They also provide the necessary financial facilities for the vehicle. Watch the video to know more. The contact number is given below.

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