Land Ceiling Limit in Kerala Land Reforms Act

Land Ceiling Limit in Kerala Land Reforms Act. There are several things to know legally when buying or selling land. That is, it includes the manner in which the land is to be moved and the amount of land that an individual can keep in his own name. But often many of us do not pay attention to such things when buying and selling land. Then it can cause big problems. Land Ceiling Limit in Kerala Land Reforms Act is important.

According to the Kerala Land Reforms Act, the amount of land that can be kept by an individual should be kept accurate. According to Section 82, the exact amount of land that can be held by each person has been fixed. A few days after that, the newspaper had asked to link the thandapperu number with Aadhaar. Land Ceiling Limit and Kerala Land Reforms Act are explained here.

But to do so requires permission from the Central Government. It has now received approval from the Central Government. It has now received approval from the Central Government. It will then be issued as a notification if approval is obtained from the Government.

What are the things to know about the Land ceiling limit?

Ownership of land is very easy to transfer from one person to another. That is, if the person who owns the 5 cent space writes to person B, it will be legal by registering the evidence.

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But in order to get it in full to the purchaser, he has to go to the village office. A land thandapperu number can be used to indicate the type of land it belongs to. That is, this document will include all the information about the field and the farm type.

The thandapperu number is given in the same way as an account number in a bank. This means that all the details of the land acquired by an individual can be traced using this one number.

That is, when a place is transferred, the term transport is used to indicate that it goes from one person to another and is accepted by another.

When you purchase a property you will receive a thandapperu number from the Village Office. If you buy a new land again, this is not the case. If the office does not know, a new number will be issued again. This means that each person will have different thandapperu numbers for each land.

However, the Kerala Land Reforms Act has come up with a new way of assigning a unique thandapperu number to all the places of an individual. This will give you an idea of ​​the total amount of land owned by an individual.

When the thandapperu number is linked to the Aadhaar number, all land information can be found through a single number. Also, if there is any liability in the name of the person’s place, you can know by typing the thandapperu number.

Section 82 states exactly how much land a family can hold together. That is, if you take a family of five, you can own at least 12 cents of land and 15 cents of land.

Moreover, each land falls into different categories. Trees like arcay trees come in a special land category. And places related to gardening come in a different way. Land patterns vary from district to district.

The amount of land that can be held by each family can be checked. If the family is single, the minimum amount of land he can own is 6 acres and the maximum is 7.5 acres.

At the same time, the maximum amount of land that can be owned by a family of two to five is a minimum of 12 acres and a maximum of 15 acres.

The maximum amount of land that can be stored in a family of more than five people is 12 to 20 acres. But the maximum amount of land that companies and others can keep is between 12 acres today and 25 acres today.

Possession of more than this land is punishable under Section 83. Section 85 states that if there is more landholding than that, it must be surrendered. It belongs to the surplus land category.

So be aware of these things before you buy or sell land. Watch the video to know more.


1. Is there any limit to a person to hold the land?

ANS: Yes The Government is provided a list of the ceiling limit clearly on the website.

2. Is it needed to attach the Thandapperu and Aadhar numbers?

ANS: Yes now the Kerala Government decided to make a Unique ID for each person’s land.

3. Is it necessary to make Pokkuvarav for land?

ANS: After the registration process, it is mandatory to do the pokkuvarav for land.


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