All Kinds of Car Parts Are Available in This App -Boodmo

All kinds of Car Parts are available in this App -boodmo.One of the problems that most people who used cars face is that the parts get damaged after a short period of use. There are a lot of people who drive it, especially because of their love for vintage cars. These vehicles have problems from time to time. Often when you take it to the workshop you hear the answer that the parts for it are not available there. All kinds of Car Parts are available in this App -boodmo is very easy to use.

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But here’s a website that offers small to large parts online for all types of Car parts. Here you will find information not only on vehicle parts but also on new vehicles and other related details. The delay you usually get from getting parts show room does not come here. An application called ‘boodmo’ is an application that provides all kinds of vehicle-related parts online.

Features of Boodmo Application

  • User-friendly interface,
  • All kinds of car parts are available.
  • Easy to search the parts.
  • Different categories are given.
  • Delivery within 7 to 14 days.

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What kind of car parts are available in boodmo?

The app, which has a four-star rating on the Play Store, has more than five million downloads. 19 MB of storage space.

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Boodmo‌ has a user-friendly interface that is very easy for anyone to use. This makes it easy to find and order parts for your vehicle. Ordered items will arrive at your home in less delivery period.

All the parts required for the vehicles will be delivered at home within 7 to 14 days. Android phone users can install and use the app from the Play Store.

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Everything from high-end car parts like BMW to the least usable parts is available in this one app. The application works using the OEM catalog of all cars in India.

Another feature is that the app provides the original spare parts required for all cars. Of these, parts from companies like Bosch are the most readily available.

There are no missing parts in this app like vehicle brake, suspension body, etc. The brakes are available in different categories such as hydraulic type and cylinder etc.

Compressor type, shock absorber, and front coil spring are all available if you are looking for suspension. Body parts like bonnet and engine cover frame are available here for all cars.

You can also search for engine-related parts of the car and transmission fuel-air conditioner. You can also search for engine-related parts of vehicles and transmission fuel-air conditioners. It is easy to select from the app all the spare parts required for the vehicle inside and outside.

How to order Car parts from Boodmo?

Step 1: Install the Boodmo app from the Play Store. Then open the application.

Step 2:Then type the car parts you want in the Search by category section.

Step 3:Here you can search for desired parts in different categories. That is, you can select the body of the vehicle if you want it, or select the Internal Explorer part.

Step 4:A vehicle can have different variants. In that case, you can type the name of the vehicle in the search bar. Now all the information related to that vehicle is available in different categories.

Step 5:This type of search returns information including a picture of the unit number and parts of the vehicle. From this, you can select the desired option.

Step 6:The parts you buy will be delivered to your home within a few days. Delivery may vary slightly depending on the place of order but the home delivery option is available.

This way you can buy all the parts you need for the car in good quality through the boodmo app. For more information watch the video.


1)Tho Premium -type car parts are available on boodmo site?

ANS: Yes . In boodmo included all the premium to basic model car spare parts.

2)What is the delivery period of spare parts?

ANS: The delivery periods in between 7 to 14 days.

3)Home delivery option is available or not?

ANS: You can choose your home address for delivery.

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