What to Do if We Lost Adharam ? Lost your property documents ?

Lost your property documents: Adharam is a document written on stamp paper by an authorized licensee or persons about the value of land and registered in the registrar’s office about a property transaction. It could be a will or a business transaction. It contains the area, boundaries, and a sketch of a specific piece of land. There may be cases where we lose the Adharam on any occasion accidentally. In this article, let us have a look at what to do if we lose Adharam.

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What Should We Do If Adharam Is Lost Due to Natural Disasters?

If you lose your property document/Adharam, you can get a certified copy from the sub registrar’s office. If you know the number of the deed and the date of registration, the process will be much faster. All land deeds recorded since January 1, 1992, are available in digital format at some sub-registrar offices. Older deeds can be found by searching for the title holder’s first letter, village, ward, and area. To ensure that the document is not misused, a newspaper advertisement about the loss of the document can be published.

What to do if We Lose Adharam due to Death

You can apply for a certified copy of the land document by the following documents.
* Death Certificate of the landlord of the property and paper to prove his relation with you is vital along with the following Steps
1) File Police Complaint
2) Apply for a certified copy in a sub-registrar headquarters where the land is registered
3)Put an advertisement concerning this in both national and local newspapers

4)Write an Affidavit then get it notarized: If you haven’t got the real documents after waiting 10 to 15 days, you can write an Affidavit on Stamp paper. You must state the details of the missing sale deed and other papers, as well as sign the undertaking. To this affidavit, you can attach the police FIR paperwork as well as copies of newspaper advertisements. A Public Notary is required to attest and record the undertaking.

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5)Obtain the Duplicate Sale Deed from the sub-registrar’s office (SRO). You must pay the SRO the specified charge for this purpose. Along with the application for a copy of the sale deed, include the police FIR document, copies of ads, and an affidavit. SRO’s personnel will check these documents and provide you with a legally certified copy of the Sale Deed. Following that, certified copies of the title deed are issued in place of the original.

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What Should We Do If We Lose Adharam Due to other Situations?

Follow the Below Procedures to Get The Lost  property documents

1.  You must file a complaint with the police station where the property is located. The complaint should be filed by the property owner. Keep a copy of the complaint along with the police acknowledgment for your records. In the complaint you will file, you must describe how the documents were lost. The police will file a formal complaint.

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2. You must advertise the loss of documents in one English newspaper and one local newspaper. The property information should be included in the advertisement. After the advertisement, you must wait 15 days to see if somebody has found your papers and has returned them. You should have copies of these advertisements with you. They’ll come in handy when it’s time to sell the house.

3. You must apply for duplicate certified copies at the sub-registrar’s office. You must write a letter outlining the property’s details. You must complete Form 22 which is accessible from the sub-registrar. The following documents must be attached to your application.

A. Identity Proof like Aadhaar or PAN card etc.
B. A copy of the police complaint
C. Copies of the paper advertisements.
D. Proof of tax payment of the property
E. Proof of payment of the fees for issuing the documents.

The Sub-registrar will check the documents and his records before arranging for duplicate certified copies of the paperwork to be issued


How to check Land Documents adharam Online in Kerala

  • ‘click the browser, then open the website ‘www.keralaregistration.gov.in’ on Google. Now you come to the homepage, select Online Registration here. Then select the queries section and select view. In the Documents section, type your selected district, Aadhaaram Registration Office, Aadhaaram Registration Year, Aadhaaram Registration Number and the caption below. read more >> click here 

How to Download Land document ( Aadharam ) online in Kerala

  • www.keralaregistration.gov.in,The application should be submitted through the website. On the page that appears when you open the site, select the Online Application option. Then select the Certified Copy in the Certificate option at the top of the resulting page. Select the submit application for cc option. The District and Sub-Registrar’s Office of the Registrar’s Office should be filled in on the resulting page. When you select the Nature of Document option, you will see three options. Of these, Book One stands for Agreement Part Issue. Book ‌ three stands for Death Certificate or Will. book 4 is the Power of Attorney. In this you have to select the book number as per your requirement. Read More >> Click here 

How to Recover Lost Documents in Kerala

  • In case of loss of your Aadhaaram, if you know the date of registration of the Aadhaaram or the number on the Aadhaaram, you can get a copy of the Aadhaaam from the Sub-Registrar’s office. However, if you do not know the details of the Aadhaaram, a digital version of the documents after January 1992 is available at the Registrar’s Office. If the year is before 1992, a copy can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office along with the deed, land, and first letter of the name given in the deed. Read More >> Click here 


How can I inspect my registered papers online in Kerala?

You can visit the site www.keralaregistration.gov.in. Details are uploaded there for registered documents.

What papers are needed to submit in the registrar’s office while applying for lose Adharam?

  • Copy of FIR
  • Copy of newspaper notice
  • Copy of share certificates issued
  • Notarised undertaking

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