Kerala Pravasi Kshemanidhi Pension Scheme and Benefits – 2022

Kerala Pravasi Khshemanidhi Pension Scheme and Benefits. The Central and State Governments are formulating various schemes to ensure the financial security of the Pravasi. Under the Pravasi Welfare Board, there are a number of schemes that can be used by those who have returned home after their expatriate life and those who have to return for any reason. Kerala Pravasi Khshemanidhi Pension Scheme and Benefits are important.

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Learn more about the Kerala Pravasi Pension Scheme launched by the State Government in association with NORKA in 2018. Here you can know exactly who can be a part of this project and what the criteria are for it.

Importanant Features of pravasi pension Scheme

  • This scheme is suitable for all Pravasi is who work outside Kerala.
  • It is worked under NORKA roots. So It is more beneficial than other schemes.
  • The membership is suitable for people worked at least 2 years outside the country.
  • The age is classified in between 18 to 16 years old.
  • The minimum pension amount is 2000 rupees.

How to apply for the Kerala Pravasi kheshmanidhi pension scheme?

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By joining the Pravasi Kshemanidi Pension Scheme, a certain amount of pension is received after the age of 60 years. When this scheme started, the pension was Rs.500 to Rs.1000. But now it has been raised to Rs.2000.Any expatriate between the ages of 18 and 60 can join this scheme.

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If a person dies after paying a minimum of five years to apply for a family pension from the Pravasi Welfare Fund Board, their family will receive 50 percent of the pension amount.

Expatriates can apply for Disability Pension under Pravasi Welfare Fund Board. Those who suffer from any serious illness or accident will get 40 percent of the pension amount.

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The scheme also includes other schemes such as posthumous financial assistance and medical assistance. Medical aid itself is classified into three different categories. Category A includes people currently working abroad, category B includes returnees, and category C includes people working outside Kerala.

In addition, financial assistance will be provided for the educational needs of the children of those who have lived in abroad for at least two years. Postpartum financial assistance to women is covered under the Pravasi Kshemanidi Pension Scheme. to apply to this scheme. Open the website. Then tap the 3 dots on the left side of the page and click on the Service option. Please read the instructions carefully. It may also provide online registration and how to fill them out in different options.

Then select the Online Registration option. In the Registration Type section provided here, select the category to which you belong. That is, you can enter here whether you lived an expatriate life outside Kerala or outside the country.

Also, fill in the rest of the information exactly. Here are some documents that need to be uploaded and submitted. This means that the signature and photos of the person submitting the application must be uploaded in size less than 50 KB. It must be provided in jpeg format.

If any fraud is committed in the submitted application then pension and other benefits will not be received.

Then fill in all the details of your district and Guardian name correctly. Then provide other personal information, such as whether the vehicle is available or not. Then take special care to provide accurate information on the country, period, and qualification you have worked for. Also, you can fill in the details of who you want to nominate in the future here.

Then upload all the required documents to the correct size and submit them. A confirmation message will be received if all the information is entered correctly and submitted. A service charge of Rs 215 will be levied.

Pravasi khemanidhi online payment

The amount is paid through an online website. Initially, the service charge of 215 wants to be paid. For this from the home page of the website choose a payment option. here you can pay your amount using any of the online payment methods such as UPI, card, etc.

Pravasi kshemanidhi online payment status

Once you completed the registration and payment process, you can check the status of your application. For this from the home page click the service option, here from the registration select online apply. Fill out all the details and upload the recommended documents and submit the application. After successful completion of your application, you can get the confirmation message and status of your application.

pravasi kshemanidhi online registration

Pravasi kshemanidhi online registration is a very simple process. Here you want to submit all the details correctly and upload the signature and photo of the applicant. And done an initial service charge payment of 215 through online.

pravasi kshemanidhi application form pdf

The application form can be available from the link given below. please read all the information carefully before applying for the scheme.



1. How much is Pravasi pension now?

ANS: Now the Minimum pension amount is 2000 Rupees.

2. How do I check my Pravasi Welfare status?

ANS: You can check the status through the services option from the home page of the Kerala Pravasi board website.

3. What is the benefit of Pravasi Kshemanidhi?

ANS: The schemes are suitable for Pravasi who worked abroad for at least 2 years. And there are a lot of schemes are under this one scheme.

4. What is the Pravasi pension scheme?

ANS: This is a scheme designed especially for the Pravasi welfare board for upliftment from Kerala Government.

5. How do I check my Pravasi Welfare status?

ANS: you can check your status from the Pravasi welfare board website services section.


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