How to apply for smart ration card online in Kerala 2022

A ration card is a government-issued document that allows you to purchase food items like rice, wheat, etc, and kerosene at reduced prices. It is helpful for families who are below-poverty-line (BPL). Moreover, it can use as proof of identity. Today, most government services are available online in Kerala. Even the ration card has become smart now. The Government of Kerala is converting ration cards into smart cards. We can apply for smart ration cards online by 2022.

Smart ration card -What it is?

The e-ration card inaugurated on February 12, 2021, was modified into the smart card. At the press conference, Minister G R Anil introduced the new ration card, which is the size of a smart card. It will be available for Rs 25 started by November 1 to anyone who desires it. You can apply either in person at the taluk supply office or online through the civil supplies department’s webpage. There is a QR Code and a barcode on the smart card. The front shows the owner’s name, photo, and address, while the back displays monthly income, ration shop number, and if the house is electrified or has a gas cylinder.

At shops, along with E-PoS devices, QR code scanners are also there. When scanned, information will be seen on the screen. When purchasing with the card, data will send to the recipient’s mobile phone. It can be used as an identity card and carried with you on your travels.

Citizens can apply through Akshaya Kendras or login to the website. If the taluk supply officer or municipal rationing officer approves the card, it will be sent to the applicant’s login page. You can print it out and use it. When they notify you, you can pick up the card from the office.

Kerala smart ration card – How to apply online?

The Kerala government developed the Smart Ration Card, which is a Ration Card the size of an ATM card. Citizens do not need to bring a book-sized Ration Card because they may store this Ration Card in their wallets.

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To apply for a smart ration card in Kerala, you need to follow below procedures:
) Go to the Civil Supply Corporation’s official website.

apply for smart ration card in Kerala
Kerala Civil Supplies Official Website

2) Go to the Citizen Login page. Then you’ll have two choices: Akshaya or Citizen.
3) Select the Citizen option and choose the Create Account option from the drop-down menu.
4) Click the ‘I Agree’ button
5)Provide your Aadhaar number and ration card number. It is sufficient to supply the Aadhaar card number of any person to whom the ration card is linked when providing the Aadhaar card number.
) Click the submit button after typing the captcha provided by the form.

Smart ration card -How to download?

  • Open the Civil Supply Corporation website
  • Pick the Citizen login option to get the Smart ration card.
  • Two options will be there-Akshaya and citizen Login
  •  You can log in by selecting the Citizen option if you already have a login ID and password.

For those who do not have an account,
1) Do the following after creating an account.
2) Enter the cardholder’s name, Aadhaar number, and ration card number
3) Tick ‘I Agree’ after reading the section to start the account.
4) On the next page, click the Validate button. Type the captcha to enter.

5) You must create a user ID and password after. Also, provide the cellphone number and then click the submit button.
6) You have now completed the registration process.

  • Then, on the Citizen Login screen, type in your user ID and password.
  • On the next page, under the Print option, you’ll see two options for this card: PVC card and e-card. Both choices allow you to print your ration card three times per day.
  • You can print and pick up the card by clicking on the print option.
  • When you select the print option, you will get a form on which you can type your address and location in English.
  • Select the option to Update Card Details from the drop-down menu.
  • The message ‘Record Submit Successfully’ will now appear.
  • Click the back button to return to the previous page.
  • You will then receive a password for the phone number you provided, which you can use to print and use the ration card. Alternatively, you can save the ration card as a PDF.

Ente Ration Card App and Its Uses and Benefits

Ente Ration card App and its uses and benefits are here.


  • 1:How can I convert my ration card to a smart card in Kerala?

Ans: An application must be submitted through either Akshaya or the citizen login to change the ration card into the smart card.

  • 2: How can I download a digital ration card in Kerala?

Ans: Visit Civil Supply Corporation website. You can easily download your digital card by entering using your user Id and password. If you are the first time, create an account using your cardholder’s name, Aadhaar number, and ration card number.
You can read more about downloading a smart ration card here

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