How to check Vehicle Owner Information in VAHAN Site Different Steps?

How to check Vehicle Owner Information in VAHAN Site Different Steps. Now you can easily check the vehicle’s owner details through the VAHAN website. The bike and car details are easily found in is the way. The only thing needed for this Vehicle registration number.Once you get the registration number just enter the number and check the owner information in a very few steps. The steps are described below. please follow the steps in a proper way to get an accurate result. Vehicle Owner Information in the VAHAN Site Different steps are described here.

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STEP 1: Open the browser on your device. Then in the address bar type the VAHAN website address. The Address link is  

STEP 2:Now the Ministry of road transport Highway official website VAHAN NR e-services page is open. Here you can see a lot of services provided by VAHAN. From here please choose the ‘Know your vehicle details from the top left corner of the navigation page.

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STEP 3:A user registration is required for this process. Usually, all the VAHAN processes are done through registration. Here you can enter your registered phone number. If you are a new user please register on the VAHAN website using the NEW REGISTRATION option from the home page.

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STEP 4:Once you enter your phone number, you can get a page where the registration number of the vehicle can be entered correctly.

STEP 5:For further process you want to enter the verification code shown on the page. To prove that you are a human, not a robot.

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STEP 6: Once you entered the registration number correctly. The Vehicle owner information is displayed on the page. Here you will get the owner’s name and address details.

In this way, you can easily check the vehicle owner details registered in all around India. Also, you can use the number plate information to check the owner details in this way easily.


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