Best Money Making Apps 2018

Best Money Making Apps 2018 : Most are using a smartphone. We make money using it. Do not expect to make billions. But let’s introduce some of the apps that little Money Making for everyday needs.Playing games and catching up on social media sites is great, but these activities alone won’t pad your wallet.You can use these apps on your Android and iPhone.

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There are many legitimate and free apps that allow you to earn surveys, watch videos, secret shopping, share photos, and more. These apps allow you to flexibility when allowing your schedule to offer a very strict pay.Let’s introduce some of the little money that can make money.

1- Slidejoy – Lockscreen Cash Rewards

Slidejoy gives you cash rewards to check trending news and to unlock your lockscreen! Slidejoy rewards you in cash or rewards you in gift cards to have trending news and ads on your lockscreen. The Slidejoy app is one of the easiest ways to make money.The option to replace your smartphone’s home screen with an ad. That means when you slide to change the lock screen, you will see that ad. Each time you see the ad, the carat will become a payday loan. For every 1,000 carats a dollar. Within 15 days you can withdraw money.

2 – MCent app

MCent is the world’s first browser that recharges users free of charge. We’ve introduced a new, improved way to browse the internet! Now, you can get free mobile data recharge to visit all the websites you know and love! You can do all this, including the phone recharge.


Install the SquadRun App. Tasks will be paid in the same manner as you do. The money will be paid as pensions. It can be changed to the PAYTM account. Must be at least 60 rupees

4-cashKarma Rewards

Money is a popular app for downloading apps, signing up for free trials and viewing videos. Paid Video Views gives you 1 point of video view and you can see the day 5.Redeem your points for PayPal cash, or gift cards.

Some apps you can not know are unreadable and offer some great ways to generate additional revenue. As a smartphone user, you know about a lot of applications that you can already use to entertain, make extra money or earn more money.

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