Water Tank with Level Indicator at Low Cost

Water Tank with Level Indicator at Low Cost. One of the common problems faced by most households is unknowingly filling the tank with water. Many people pay attention to turning off the motor only after a lot of water has gone off. This causes water and electricity to be lost in the same way. Water measurement device for the tank at low cost described here.

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There are many types of machines on the market today that can be used to detect the amount of water in a tank. But these will come at a huge price. Otherwise, it can cause sudden damage. But here’s a trick to find the amount of water in the tank very easily using home available items.

Benefits of using the Water measurement device

  • Anyone can easily make it this tool on their own.
  • The cost is very less.
  • Easily know whether the tank is filled or empty.
  • The materials are easily available.

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How to Make A how To Make Water Tank Level Indicator at A Low Cost?

Here’s a technique that can be used to track the rising and falling of water in a tank at a very low cost. Anyone can use this tool at a very low cost.

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The device is designed so that the amount of water in the water tank can be determined by a reading. But no technical knowledge is required to make it.

Water Tank Level Indicator Material Requirements

A piece of PVC pipe about half an inch in size, and elbow pipe the size of an inch, a 6mm rope 3mm thick, and any object that weighs 100 to 150 grams, a thickness that can be used to release weight, One bottle of water with some portion vacant.

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If you are looking at the making method you should first put a small hole in the top of the tank lid. It is not necessary to use a driller for this. Instead, a piece of the rod can be heated and put in the hole.

Then insert a half-inch pipe into the hole provided by the lid. It should be set tight enough to give. Then attach it to the top of the cut elbow pipe. Doing so will cause the reducer to lock.

Then take the rope head out and put it inside the tank through the pipe. Then tie the end of the rope to the bottle filled with water. However, it should be set so that the boat is slightly ventilated.

When getting into the bottle, be sure to tie it tightly so that it does not fall off. In this way, when the water rises, the bottle comes up and when the water recedes, the boat goes down.

Then you have to set the part where you want to know the rising and falling of the water and bring the rope there. The thickness should be given to show the water level at the ends of the rod Then where the thickness is now can be marked.

When the tank is full of water, the rope goes down and goes up when there is no water. In this way, it is very easy to know when the water in the tank is filling up or running out. Once marked, the amount of water can be traced back quickly.

This very effective technique was introduced to avoid water leaking out of the tank. And also help to know the tank is empty. The total cost for this is only 20 rupees. Therefore, it is a technique that can be easily tried by anyone. Watch the video to know more.


1. I have no technical knowledge. can I make this device?

ANS: Yes. For making this device no technical knowledge is needed. Only the basic things awareness is needed.

2. what is the material cost to make this device?

ANS: The material cost is around 20 RS only. If some items are already available in your house.No materials cost is needed.

3. Does this device indicates the tank fill and empty?

ANS: This device attached rop is moving up when the tank is empty and goes down the tank is full.

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