No Fine is charged for not wearing Mask-order issued soon.

No Fine is charged for not wearing Mask-order issued soon. Central and state governments had announced heavy restrictions across the country due to the covid. In the early days of covid, travel was banned on a large scale and later given small concessions by the government. These included restrictions on celebrations such as weddings and the number of people who could attend funerals.No Fine is charged for not wearing Mask-order issued soon from center ministry.

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However, the government has issued instructions to use the mask compulsorily and to maintain social distance at all times. After the second and third waves of covid, the Central and State Governments came up with new proposals.

Accordingly, the state government has decided to keep the schools open and completely remove the restrictions on other institutions. But the government had reminded them that it was essential to use the mask on all these occasions.

But today the Central government has come up with a new proposal that the mask should no longer be used. Not only that but huge concessions have been announced for many other things.

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Rules Regarding Covid 19 In India

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  • Mask wearing is mandatory.
  • Social distancing.
  • No gatherings.
  • Use sanitizer.
  • Stay home for safety.
  • Avoid handshakes and hugs.

What are the new rules regarding mask requirements and gatherings?

That is, the mask was not worn in public but no case was registered against it. And there will be no restrictions on crowds. The State Governments have received new proposals in this regard from the Central Government.

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Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla has written to the states explaining the proposals in this regard. With the spread of covid in the country by 2020, it became mandatory to wear a mask and avoid gathering people.

However, the Union Home Ministry had given a deadline of March 25th for such a proposal. The law will come into force on March 25, 2022. But in the present situation, a huge decrease in the spread of covid cases has been reported in the country. Therefore, the Union Home Ministry is of the view that such restrictions are not necessary.

Receiving such a notification from the Union Home Ministry will bring about changes in Kerala as well. The government was considering a significant reduction in the number of covid patients in Kerala, removing restrictions on more areas. Meanwhile, a new proposal has been received from the Central Government.

Prior to that, there had been discussions about whether the mask could be removed if there was a significant reduction in the number of covid cases. But the suggestion is that those in need should wear a mask when going out and those with symptoms should wear masks when going out. But the case taken against it will be dropped altogether.

What the state government was thinking about wearing a mask was to make it mandatory to use the mask at weddings, public places and places where the disease is spread, and to avoid the rest.

It was instructed by the government to wear a double mask at a time when Omicron was spreading far and wide. In addition, the mask had to be worn even inside the house. The case was taken up in cases where these were not complied with.

But according to the newly released instructions, the mask does not have to be worn even in public places. But most people still doubt that they should wear masks at railway stations, airports, and public events. For more watch the video.


1. Is mask is mandatory in public places?

ANS: No it is not mandatory in public places. But for your safety, you can wear a mask.

2. If I do not wear a mask there is any fine or case charged?

ANS: No. The union ministry announced no Fine charged for not wearing masks.

3. If I am ready to continue the mask, is any problem with that?

ANS: No. You can were the mask anywhere for your safety.




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