Small Business Ideas in Kerala -A4 Rough Book Production

Small Business Ideas in Kerala:  Finding a business idea is not an easy task. It is especially difficult to find a business idea in Kerala. There are many factors that contribute to the success of a new business idea. Small business idea in Kerala -A4 rough book Production explained here.

Implementing a small business idea requires relying on a number of factors to get it going well. The greatest success strategy for someone is to find a business idea from what we see in front of us every day.

Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about Small business ideas in Kerala that can be successful in a big way starting at a low cost. Here is a business idea that can start a small investment and earn a good return in the future.

Here’s a small business idea in Kerala where you can find a lot of business, especially during school opening times. This means that the sale of A4 size rough books is one of the most in-demand among stationery products. Understand their making method and cost in detail.

Importance of Applying a Small business in Kerala

  • The cost is very low.
  • A lot of government schemes are available for starting small business ideas in Kerala.
  • The investment is very low.
  • Easy to make huge profits.
  • The marketing side is also secure.


How to start a business in Kerala for making an A4 rough book?

A 4 Size Rough Books is a small business idea that can be started without the need for any particular materials cost. This is a business that can be started very easily from the comfort of your own home and does not require a large investment.

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Only 80 rough GSM papers are needed to make this book. You can easily make a book like this with 100 grams of paper. The market price of these books is close to Rs.15.

80 GSM paper costs just Rs 40 per kg. It can also be purchased online at wholesale prices. The initial cost of making a book is around four rupees.4. 50 paise You can sell it later in the market for Rs.15.

In addition to the paper comes the small cost of the stapler needed to pin it. Only chart paper is required for the cover. Normal type brown paper can be selected for this purpose.

Books made in this way cannot be delivered directly to schools
Therefore, it can only be sold through school stationery shops or nearby shops. The next thing is to find retail shops for it.

Rough books can be found in retail shops near schools and colleges where they are mainly used. If you can find five or six such depos and sell 300 books a day, you can earn a profit of Rs 2400 a day.

The required brown paper can be bought in bulk and cut and used in three or four books. But a large machine is needed to do the stapler. It costs around Rs 1700. With an A4 book business idea that can be successful with such a small business idea, you can earn close to Rs 48,000 a month.


1. The A4 rough book is starting as a small business idea?

ANS: Yes with a very low-cost anyone can start this business in Kerala.

2. Where should I sell these A4 rough books?

ANS: you can find the nearest school and college depos for selling your books.

3. what is the average cost for making a book?

ANS: The approximate cost of a book is around 4 rupees only.



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