Used I Phone Shop Dubai Delivery All Over India

Used iPhone shop Dubai delivery all over India. Many people want to own the latest phones on the market. But often it is not possible to buy a new model of the phone at a high price. In that case, most people rely on used phones. Used iPhone shop Dubai delivery all over India. are introduced here.

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But with the salient advantages, you must know some of the disadvantages as well. But iPhones coming from places like Dubai, Samsung used phones have nothing to fear in terms of quality.

Now many are skeptical about whether used phones will be delivered domestically from Dubai. Here is a list of the best branded used phones that can be delivered anywhere in India.

Things to remember while choosing used iPhones

  • Battery  Health.
  • Quality of the product.
  • Price.
  • Company warranty.
  • Shop warranty.
  • Any kind of damages.

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What models of used iPhones are available in this Shop?

Most of the newer models of the iPhone are available in this shop at low prices. The iPhone 12 pro max 512 has 95% Battery Health and can be purchased with a three-month company warranty as well as a three-month shop warranty. It also comes with a pouch and a screen guard, cable. The Indian amount is around Rs 70,000.

Any phone purchased from here will get the adapter, cable, pouch. You can check the phone info in the settings to know the detailed information about the phone and make sure it is correct.

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The iPhone 12 pro-Max 256GB is also available in the shop for Rs 68,000 .87% is battery health. But it does not have the warranty given by the company but the warranty given by the shop.

For those who want to own an iPhone 12 Pro Max 128, two pieces in Gold are available. Battery Health comes in between 93 and 94. The price to pay is Rs.66000. A three-month company warranty and shop warranty are available. These are available in Gold color as well as two white and one black.

Of these, high and low battery-health phones are available in the shop. As for battery health declines, so does the price. If there are phones with catches in any way it will be foretold from the shop.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB is available in two colors. Available in Gold and White. These are all box pieces. Battery health is around 84 in the range of 2400 dirhams.

The iPhone 11 is available in two colors: 128GB and 62GB. These can be purchased for around Rs 30,000.
The iPhone 11 64GB White color is available for Rs 29,000 while the XR 256GB is priced at Rs 25,000.

The iPhone Xs Max 256GB is priced at Rs 33,000. When you choose 64GB, the price is Rs 29,000. There are several pieces of iPhone x 64GB available here. The iPhone 8 256GB is priced at just Rs 14,000.

You can own an iPhone 7 128GB for Rs 8400. Also, the iPhone 6 Plus is available at a very affordable price in the shop.

Those who want to buy good-quality iPhones can contact Focus Corner in Dubai. They deliver phones online anywhere in India. In the Dubai location, the product will be delivered anywhere within six hours. Watch the video to know more. The contact number is given below.

Contact- 71529710099


iPhone model PRICE
iPhone 12 pro max 512 70,000
iPhone 12 pro max 256 68000
iPhone 12 Pro Max 128 66000
iPhone 11 29,000
iPhone 11 64GB 29,000
iPhone XR 256GB 25000
iPhone Xs Max 256GB 33,000
iPhone 8 14,000
iPhone 7 8400


FAQ iphnes are delivered to India?

ANS: Yes all the phones are purchased through online and deliver to your location.

2. Is it deliver the products in the Qatar location?

ANS: No the products are delivered inside all the Dubai locations.

3, what is the minimum delivery time inside the Dubai location?

ANS: The maximum delivery inside the Dubai location is 6 hours.



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