vitrified tiles price in Kerala – Starting from INR 25

vitrified tiles price in Kerala:  A home is the dream of most people. That is why most people want every item used in that home to have its best quality. Most of us have a laid-back attitude when it comes to painting a picture with our choice of materials and paints. All types of tiles at an affordable price – AQIQ Malappuram introduced here.

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Unlike in the past, tiles are used for flooring in most homes today. Tiles of different designs of excellent quality are now available in the market at low prices. However, if the tiles are taken from an unknown location, it is not possible to know their quality. Many of the firms that provide tiles are now operating in most districts. But here is a shop that offers the standard quality tiles at the lowest prices.

Things to check before choosing a tile

  • Quality of the tile.
  • Material of the tile.
  • Premium or standard grade.
  • Size of the tile.

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What kind of tiles are available in this shop?

A large collection of tiles in different designs, colors, and sizes can be found in this shop. Most homes now use 4 * 2 size tiles. In other words, this size tile is used in 70% of the houses in Kerala.

Tiles of different colors and patterns in 4 * 2 sizes are available in the shop. Prices vary depending on the finish. Tiles are sold here based on standard grade. Of these, the standard high and low are available.

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Tiles ranging in size from Rs 25 to 4 * 2 can be purchased from here. But another thing to note is that these are not premium quality. All tiles will be made to standard quality.

Tiles have only minor defects. But ordinary people will not be able to find them. Not only in small quantities but also in bulk quantity tiles are going from here.

Tiles that are 2.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches long are available in standard grade and below. That is, tiles are taken from here for work on houses of 4000 square feet.

In addition to the usual floor tiles, tiles are also sold here in large quantities. These are available in different colors and patterns. These are 100% waterproof vitrified tiles.

You can choose the tiles as per your requirement like glossy, matte, and semi-matte. Here all the tiles do not increase in price as the design changes. All large tiles starting from standard grade start at Rs 55.

Tiles can be sold here, from small quantities to large quantities. Marble-type tiles are available in the shop for Rs 65 to Rs 70.

The shop named AQIQ is located in Malappuram district and is available at low prices ranging from small size tiles to large size tiles. The contact number is given below. Watch the video to know more. All types of tiles at an affordable price are available here.

Contact- 7012396436

vitrified tiles price in Kerala

Tile size Price
  • 4 *2 sizes
Starting price is 25 rupees
  • 2.5 *5.5
Starting price is 55
  • Marble type
starting 65 to 75

For more details 🔺 AQIQ STONE Thlappara Malapuram ☎️ +917012396436 +919539989134 +919947447708 🎾Whatsapp :


  1. Is the premium type tyles are available here?

ANS: The standard grade tiles are available here.

2.  Is the bulk orders are available here?

ANS: yes you can purchase minimum to bulk quantity here.

3. All the same size tiles have the same price?

ANS: Yes. The same size tiles have the same price.



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