Vagas Vyshali – All Kind of Sarees Are at Affordable Price Shop – Ernakulam.

Vagas Vyshali -All kinds of Sarees are at an affordable price shop – Ernakulam. Sarees have always been a trend among Malayalees. The truth is that the love for saris does not change among women even with the passage of time. Sarees are becoming more and more available in the market today as they change over time in different fabrics and designs. All kinds of Sarees are at an affordable price shop – Eranakulam introduced here.

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But what many are looking for is how to get good quality sarees at a low price. It is often not easy to find a saree with the design material you want in mind. Many people buy saris through online shops but they do not have the required quality. But here is a place where you can get a sari in over 5 lakh designs of good quality.

Different kinds of Sarees Vagas Vyshali

  • Cotton
  • Chiffon
  • Georgette.
  • Art silk
  • Bhagalpuri

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What Kind of Sarees Are Available Vagas Vyshali?

Cotton, Georgette, Chiffon, Art‌ silk, and silk sarees all are available here. Good quality cotton sarees are also available in the shop in various designs starting from Rs.250.

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All Hyderabadi cotton sarees are available with blouses at this price point. Sarees priced from Rs 79 are also available here.
And also has a large collection of chunky print sarees that are very much trending now.

All-you-can-wear sarees for the wedding start at Rs 750. The shop also has a large collection of Bhagal Puri sarees from Bihar. Batik print sarees are also available in different colors and fats. Another feature is that all the sarees from different states are available in this one shop.

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There is a wide variety of sarees available here, from silk sarees from Tamil Nadu, copper print sarees from Gujarat, and pavitra silk sarees with simple and heavy work are available here.

The shop has a large collection of saris and churidar materials at prices ranging from Rs 230 to Rs 3,000. The kurtas are also available in the range of Rs 350 and are of very good quality. In addition, set mund, set saris, churidar, and running materials are available in this shop in very good quality at very low prices.

Those who want to buy good quality sarees, churidar kurta can contact Vagas Vaishali shop at Ernakulam Press Club Road. The contact number is given below. Watch the video to know more.

Vagas Vyshali Price list

  • Normal sarees
RS. 79
  • Pattu sarees
RS. 750
  • Cotton sarees
RS. 250
  • Churidar materials
RS. 230
  • Kurtas
RS. 250
Vagas Vyshali  Ernakulam
Vagas Vyshali Ernakulam

Benefits of choosing this shop

  • All materials are affordable price.
  • Different patterns and materials are available.
  • The clothes are coming from different parts of the country.
  • Good quality materials are available.

Address Vagas Vyshali

Vagas Vyshali,
SHOP NO:-67/9010, 9011, Press Club Rd, Ernakulam, Kerala 682011

Contact number Vagas Vyshali Ernakulam

  • ☎ 9400069045,
  • ☎ 7994977867,
  • ☎ 7994977868


  • 1. Is this shop is situated in Kerala?

ANS: Yes the shop is situated in Ernakulam district.

  • 2. What kind of things are available in this shop?

ANS: sarees, churidar, kurtas, running materials.

  • 3. Is the materials are available at a wholesale rate?

ANS: All the materials are available at a low cost.

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