Homemade Ac at Cheaper Price with Basic Knowledge

Homemade AC at a cheaper price with basic knowledge. Most people who have tried many ways to reduce the heat in the summer will have failed. Although many people try to reduce the heat by applying paint on the roof or on the leaf, they are only a temporary measure, but it is often not possible to buy AC at a high price. Homemade AC at a cheaper price with basic knowledge is described here.

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And the only thing is that putting the fan on all the time will increase the current bill. When the fan rotates during hot weather, only hot air comes out of it. But here’s an introduction to an AC system that can be built by anyone at a low cost using very little technical knowledge. Homemade AC at a cheaper price with basic knowledge is explained here.

Benefits of making Homemade AC 

  • The materials are easily available.
  • Low cost.
  • Room cooling technique.
  • Basic technical knowledge required.

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How to Make a Homemade AC at a low cost?

This one AC built-in can be taken in the same way you would get when using standard AC in a room. The main requirement for making these is the built-in air modules. These can be difficult to get in regular shops. Therefore, it is possible to purchase at a cheaper price online.

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The next requirement is an exhaust which is used to take the heat out and the cold inside. It may depend on whether you purchase a new one or the shops that sell the old one.

Another important tool is the CPU heat sinks used in computer processors. Then an ACP board is required to assemble all of these. That’s all the equipment needed to set up a small AC in the house.

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First, take the ACP board and put three holes needed to fit the belt air into it. Then two outs should be given out. Using ACP sheets will give you the strength to withstand any weather easily.

First, fit a belt and then place a heat sink on top of it. It should be placed on two belt hairs in the form of a heat sink. Then drill a hole in it with a drill and fit the fan.

Pay special attention to providing the wires correctly as a lot of connections are going. Care should be taken to insert the wires in such a way that they are not visible from the outside of the board. The exhaust fan should be fitted on the cold side.

Use a 12 v 6-ampere working fan. Therefore, it requires a minimum current of 12 volts. If you want, you can use the SNPs coming from the computer. You can then use a temperature sensor to check if it is working properly.

Once all the construction is done properly, the device can be fitted with a protruding window. Described here is a portable air conditioner made at a cost of Rs.600 with very little equipment. Watch the video to know more.



1. Is this working in a normal room?

ANS: It’s working on a normal process.

2. Any technical knowledge needed for to make this device?

ANS: Only basic knowledge you can make this device.

3. The materials are easily available from the shop?

ANS: Yes it will be available both online and offline shops.



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