Electronic Appliances at Lowest Price Shop – Coimbatore.

Electronic Home Appliances Store in Coimbatore :  Electronic appliances such as refrigerators, ACs, and washing machines are essential items in every home. But these can only be bought at regular shops at a higher price. On the other hand, if you choose used refrigerators and washing machines, you will not be able to know exactly what their quality is. Electronic appliances at lowest price shop – Coimbatore introduced here.

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But it is now possible to buy such electronic devices through online websites at a lower price than what is available in shops. If damage occurs after a short period of use, it can sometimes be difficult to get a warranty on them. But here is an introduction to a shop that offers all kinds of electronic devices at low prices.

Items available in this shop

  • TV
  • Fridge
  • washing machine
  • Wardrobe
  • Chimney
  • Gas stove

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What kind of electronic items are available in this shop?

This is because you can get goods from here at 10% off the showroom price. Each electronic device has its original price sticker on the top. All you have to do is type it in, and check it out.

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All the top load washing machines actually cost Rs 33,000 and will be sold online for Rs 26,000 while what you have to pay here you can buy from the shop for Rs 14,000.

You can buy a fully loaded washing machine here at Semi Automatic Washing Machine Price Here is the bill including GST.

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Most of the washing machine brands like Samsung, and Whirlpool are available here for half price. About 400 pieces of one item are available here. Hence the problem of not having stock does not come up.

The Whirlpool fridge is all good quality at Rs 14,000. You can buy the premium type fridge for Rs 56,000. The microwave oven can be purchased here for just Rs 4,500.

Priced at Rs 11,500 at the hardware chimney shop, it is priced at Rs 4,500 here. The 43 inch LG Smart TV is available for Rs 23,000.

Beds from brands such as Perfect Home are also available here, as well as shelves and wardrobes of various sizes that can be purchased at affordable prices.

Also, the Boxpiece gas stove costs half as much as it does in regular shops. Pigeon nonstick items are available for Rs 4,000. The shop is located at ARIFAA Traders, Podannur, Coimbatore. The contact number is given below. Watch the video to know more. Electronic appliances at the lowest price shop – Coimbatore are introduced here for customers.

Benefits of choosing this shop

  • New box pieces are available.
  • most of the items have half price.
  • All kinds of products are available.
  • major brands are included.

Arifaa Traders Coimbatore Contact Details

CONTACT : 9344833151 , 7845241916 , 9894143151
Address – BLHK 4B M.S NAGAR


1. Is the products are new or not?

ANS: All the products are branded items.

2. Furniture items are also available here?

ANS: Some items including shelves and wardrobes are available here.

3. Is the products are original brands?

ANS: All the products are original.

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