Kerala Driving License Related New Rules and Regulations

Kerala Driving License Related to New Rules and Regulations: Every day there are many changes in the rules traffic-related. There have been a number of changes, especially with regard to driving licenses. Section 14 specifies the changes made by the Ministry of Transport when renewing a license and the existing license.

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Many things related to the driving license are changed. especially in the context of the corona. Now they have been rearranged. Learn more about the new rules related to driving licenses. Driving License related to new rules and regulations is explained here.

Procedure for applying for a Driving license

  • Go to the official Vahan portal.
  • Select the state and choose the driving license option.
  • Fill out the application correctly and upload the necessary documents.
  • book a driving test slot.
  • Pay the fee and check the status.

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What are the new rules related to driving licenses?

According to the revised driving license rules, a learner’s license is valid for six months from the date of issue.

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Learners’ licenses cannot be renewed and are re-issued instead. Medical certificates must be resubmitted for re-issuance. The driving test can be attended only 30 days after the learner’s license is issued.

This means that the number given to the learner’s license will not be used for the original license.

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Transport vehicle licenses, which include heavy vehicles, are valid for up to five years.

Hazardous goods Vehicle Drivers’ License is valid for up to 3 years after undergoing three days of specialized training. However, the three-year license period is based on a five-year term.

But there are some complicated rules for licenses that do not fall into these three categories.

Generally, by the age of 18, everyone has taken out a learner’s license and applied for the main license. The license valid for such a driving test pass is up to 40 years.

This means that when a person under the age of 30 obtains a driving license, he or she obtains a valid driving license up to the age of 40.

When a person obtains a driving license between the ages of 30 to 50, it is valid for up to 10 years.

When a person renews their driving license between the ages of 50 and 55, the validity is limited to 60 years.

Renewal of a driver’s license above the age of 55 is valid for only five years.

Is there any age limit for a person to get a driving license?

At any age, a person can apply for a driver’s license if he or she has good eyesight and is physically fit. Then, if he passes the test, he will get a driving license.

Education qualification is not a problem to get a driving license. But knowledge of English is compulsory only for those who drive hazardous goods.

However, a learner cannot write a test without language proficiency. Also, if you do not know the basics of using a computer, it can be difficult to write a test on a computer.

But many people do not know how to write a Learner’s test. Therefore, not knowing exactly the rules of moto creates many kinds of problems. The transport department is unable to take significant action in this regard. Knowing only how to drive a vehicle does not matter. Accidents are more likely to happen if traffic rules are not followed properly.


1. Is there any age limit for applying for a driving license?

ANS: No.If a person is physically fit and has good eyesight at age apply for the test.

2. Is it needed any specific qualification to apply for the test?

ANS: No. Only hazardous goods license needed English language proficiency.

3. What is the validity of learners’ licenses?

ANS: learner’s license is valid for six months from the date of issue.


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