Wooden Flooring Cost and Everything You Need to Know

Wooden Flooring Cost and Everything You Need to Know  Most people today want to make changes at home over time. That is why most people choose tiles for flooring. Of these, wooden tiles are the most popular nowadays. There are several things to keep in mind when choosing quality wood tiles that are very good-looking and quality. Wooden Flooring costs and usages everything you need to know are explained here.

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Choosing wooden tiles instead of regular tiles will reduce the risk of cold sores. Diseases such as rheumatism, in particular, come from the constant cold on the floor tile. Wooden tiles themselves have different categories. Learn more about the pattern price of each wooden tile.

Benefits of wooden tiles

  • Good looking.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Reduce the cooling from the floor.
  • Easy to use.

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Everything you need to know about the wooden flooring.

Usually, when plywood is used to make tiles, they are chemically treated. But when it comes to making wooden tiles from natural wood, they are at the forefront in terms of quality. Moreover, no chemical process is applied to it

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To make natural wooden tiles, they are dipped in water and dried well. They are then used as an installation process. Wooden floors give an attractive look in floors. They are divided into different types. Anyone can choose wooden tiles according to their usage. Wooden Flooring costs and usages everything you need to know is in detail explained here.

Most homes, also known as wooden flooring, are laminated on top of PVC. These are the reasons why it deteriorates so quickly.

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Wooden tiles made entirely of teak cost 400 / square feet. imported veeti 300/ square feet. These are known as purple hearts. Choose wood that is not white to make natural wooden tile.

Different types of wooden tiles

  • Hardwood

Wooden Flooring Cost digitkerala

Wooden tiles are made entirely of wood is known as hardwood. Trees such as oak, pine, and walnut are used for this purpose. These last longer. These are known as the top layer protective layer.

  • Engineered wood

They are made by gluing the original wood glue on top of the wood like plywood. They are essential but last less likely to retain moisture.

  • Laminated wood

They are made of synthetic materials. But you get the same impression of a real tree. Although they are very easy to install, they do not have the quality of a normal tree.

Price List of Wooden Tiles ( Wooden Flooring )

  • Digital printing wooden floor tiles -RS. 260
  • Hardwood flooring – RS.375
  • Engineered wooden flooring -RS. 446
  • Oak flooring – RS.446
  • Linoleum flooring – RS.200
  • Bamboo flooring -RS. 325
  • Walnut flooring -RS.380
  • Maple wooden flooring -RS .325
  • Wooden sports flooring -Rs.340


  • They have high resale value.
  • Ther are more durable than other flooring materials.
  • They have a great and premium look.
  • More versatile than other materials.


  • The scratches from shoes and toys.
  • They need to clean regularly.
  • They are very expensive.
  • They have very low moisture resistance.


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