Files Go by Google : best file sharing app short review

Files Go by Google : Google is well known for making better-built applications. The app’s portfolio enlarges the recognizable apps pages like YouTube, Google Maps and Google Photos. But recently, it has established a listing for everyone with a striking new app. This is a file guide file manager, which is currently in beta. What are the files separated by millions of file managers in the Play Store? We spent some time.The app is really good because it is small and no ads ,You can quickly transfer . Below is a link to download the application.

Files Go is an official app developed by Google. Bugs are expected to be still beta and improvements. The application is only 3.69 MB. The app is safe and responsive, so it’s easy to share those files and documents even offline.Quick search lets you choose the most important document or photo or video you need. You can delete more copies or remove spam, and those duplicate images identify the files going. Simply put, this app helps make your phone faster and faster, because you can easily delete other apps that you do not use.

When you open the app for the first time, the application beta is still salute you on a notice. Once you move it forward and you have access to your file system, the application will begin to take shape.You’re receiving a dashboard showing how much storage you use and how much you have left. It provides internal storage and microSD cards. When you step down from there, the files going will give you some of the instructions that can reduce some space. Some options include removing pre-loaded media or temporary files. Additionally, if you have a microSD card connected to your phone, you can move images and videos from your internal storage to your card.

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