Hidden Android Setting – Change Phone Settings for Games

Hidden Android Setting – Change Phone Settings for Games : Unlike in the past, most people today love to play the game. As any age, playing a game with a smartphone often results in a sudden drop in charge. What happens in these situations is that when a game is installed and used, it automatically accesses the mail and notifies you. This causes the gaming speed to decrease. In such cases, making a small change in the phone’s settings will allow the phone to work better.

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Hidden Android Setting for games?

All you have to do is make small changes to the phone’s settings so that you do not receive unwanted notifications and emails while playing the game.

To do so, open the phone’s settings. Then when you scroll down a bit you will see the Google option. Scroll down again and then see play games.

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Now all the accesses are ticked in the Game Profile section. All of these are ticked on automatically when a game is installed.

But what happens when they do this is that they remain the same even after uninstalling the game. This type of mail is often used as a personal account. It also creates a variety of security threats.

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Also, e-mail and phone will be filled with notifications. In such cases, if a game is installed, immediately open the settings and tick the as for mentioned. If so, untick them one by one.

When the notification comes in between playing the game it causes more problems and the charge on the phone drops sharply.

To unblock ticks like this, go to Google Play Store. Install and open Google Play Games. Now all the ticks that occur while playing the game are eliminated and it helps to increase the speed of the phone.

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