How to fix tiles in walls ? New Technology

With the price of cement and sand rising day by day, many are wondering what can be found to replace it. At the same time, paint and putty are cost-effective, and the use of putty and cement can cause problems such as cracking very quickly. Also, when giving putty and white cement, the possibility of mud getting into the house with children should be considered. Here is a solution to all this. At present, cementing square feet of cement can cost up to Rs 45 to Rs 50. Putty was priced at Rs 20 to Rs 25 per square foot. Here is a method to use for wall tiles at a low cost.

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How to fix tiles in walls?

Decor tiles is a tiles that can be used for walls. Tiles of size 120 * 240 cm are readily available in the market.

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These are made in England standard tiles. These can be purchased in Kerala for Rs 150 to Rs 200 per square foot. These are available in different brands in the market whichever brand you choose but you only have to pay this one price. These can be purchased in different colours and quality as required.

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A sticker is affixed on the top of the tile when it is packed so that the full quality of the tile is not lost. The large pieces look and feel the same as marble in appearance. In the beginning, tiles were more expensive, but now they are halved.

These can be easily fixed and provided by any ordinary person. At the same time just want to pay some attention. These can be cracked indoors with glue or with a locking system. On the other hand, if the paste is applied on the outdoor surface, cement should be applied on top of it. Each channel must first be fitted to the top and bottom of the wall. Then all you have to do is pay for the tiles. Another notable advantage is that they are very easy to maintain.

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They can also be removed if needed. These are grafted without any cracks. At such a low cost you can beautify the walls of the house with tiles. Watch the video to know more.

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