Kerala Business Ideas – Start a Business in A Low Cost

Kerala Business Ideas – Many people think of business ideas that start with a very small investment and can be lead successfully in a big way. There are many such business ideas available in the market but they are not easy to succeed. Whichever product you choose to sell, you need to find the right winning strategy for it. Here’s a business idea that can be purchased at a very low cost and packaged and resold.

Kerala Business Ideas – Start a Business in A Low Cost

Here are two or three products that you can buy at a very low cost and then sell at a high price. Different models of hand beaters can be sold in this way.

Of these, hand beaters are needed by most homes. Instead of beating eggs with a spoon at home, these hand beaters can be used. It can be used for other types of hand beaters such as coffee beaters.

Other types of hand beaters can be used to make chapati dough. Most of these high-quality hand beaters are bought at a low price but their wholesale price is around Rs. 100 The second model is priced at Rs 23 wholesale. If you prefer the more advanced model, the wholesale price is Rs 25.

This way hand beaters in different colours and models can be purchased wholesale at a low cost. They can then be sold for around Rs 100.

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Here you will find import and export quality hand beaters. Products purchased in this way can be sold on websites like Amazon for as little as Rs 130. Even the lowest-priced Rs 20 meter can be sold for Rs 99. At the same time, it can not be purchased as a single piece in wholesale shops. Hand Beater reselling is a business that starts with a small investment and then packs and releases a large amount of can be sold both online and offline shops also. watch the video to learn more

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