How to Make PVC Pipe Water Filter at Home

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PVC Pipe Water Filter: A significant problem most households face is the lack of access to clean water. The solution is to buy a water filter, which can be very expensive. Also, water filters that are purchased at such a high price can be damaged by short-term use.
Here’s how to make a water filter at home at a meagre cost.

How to Make PVC Pipe Water Filter at Home?

Before starting, the process should take care to make the supply pipes of the water coming into the house beforehand. Take a large PVC pipe to make a water filter and mark it to a size of 25 cm.

Then drill holes with an inch size hole cutter. Then insert a 1-inch sized adapter.
If the adapter is tight enough to fit in the holes, it can be cut with a blade. If you do not have a cutter, you can heat it on a 1-inch GI pipie intstove and place it on the pipe.

Take an end cap about the size of an inch and insert a hole in the middle of it. Then connect the adapter to it. Then make a cut in the 3 mm gap.Glue the reducer and end cap together with the gum. By doing so the filter is ready.

Things to use inside the water filter

Activated carbon can be used instead of charcoal. Metal chips and shell charcoal. The top should be covered after filling the charcoal.

The remaining 70% can be filled with multimedia. Then the plastic cover can be removed and the end cap can be closed.

This way a water filter can be made at home at a meagre cost. You can watch the video to know more.


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