How to Make Inverter at Home – Very Easy to make

Power outages are a major problem in our place during monsoons. Most homes today have inverters, but it is not always easy to buy them. Also, once you have purchased the inverter, you will have to spend a good amount of money to maintain it. Most of the time the houses have to buy a new one after the inverter is damaged. At the same time, in many places, it does not come for a week after the power goes out. In such a case it is necessary to understand in detail how to make an inverter at home at a very low cost.

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How to Make Inverter at Home

A battery is required to build the inverter. For this, the discarded battery from the old vehicles can be used. Another thing is to organize an inverter that costs around Rs 2500. Often you have to pay a high price to buy an inverter from a high brand. Therefore, finding a good inverter at a low price is not an easy task.

Insert a connector on the back of the inverter. Three wires are required to connect the connector. The wire phase is given in red, neutral in black and green in Inverter out.

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Connect the neutral and phase to the socket. Then take another socket and connect the two wires to it. The phase is to be connected to the green wire. A red and black wire is attached to the battery. Enter the positive terminal to the positive of the battery and the negative terminal to the negative.

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The light is on when the charge supply is selected. The inverter capacity is 250 watts. This inverter, which operates on a very small power, will make the fan and light in the housework smoothly. Watch the video to know more.

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