How can I evict a tenant in Kerala? | Kerala Buildings Act,1965

How can I evict a tenant in Kerala?  : Most people have to leave their home country for work or other reasons. In that case, buying a home for a short period of time is not an easy task. That is why many people rely on rental housing. Sometimes people find that renting a home for one or two years can lead to a sudden vacancy. But there are some rules for tenants only. If you know them, you may still be wondering if the landlord will ask you to vacate the house.

It is important to understand that in all these cases, a tenant may have to vacate the house legally. You may be aware of the different rules and requirements for vacating a rental home.

Grounds for eviction of tenants

There are 9 main rules that are stated in the building rule associated with the tenant.Section 11 specifies the circumstances under which the tenant must vacate the house.

The first thing is that the person living in the house is not paying rent.

In situations where the homeowner has to use the home for his or her family members’ needs.That is, the landlord has the right to use the house for a very generous purpose.

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In case the tenant leases the land without the permission of the landlord.This is in accordance with Section 11 (4) 1.

The house can be asked to vacate if the value of the land is destroyed or any attempt is made to destroy it by renting it out.section 11 (4) 2.

If the tenant owns another residential building in the same city as the tenant, the landlord may ask to vacate the home.section 11(4)3.

The owner must ask the tenant to vacate the building in order to do the residential building construction work.

If the tenant rents the building and does not use it for six months, it can be asked to vacate.

If the tenant needs building for charitable and public institution purposes, the tenant may ask to vacate.section 11(7).

The landlord may ask you to vacate the space if he has any additional accommodation requirements.section 11(8)

Only in the above 9 circumstances can a landlord ask the tenant to vacate the home. Otherwise you can approach legal action if asked to step down.

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