How to start a groundnut business Kerala

Most people think of business ideas that can start with a very small investment and achieve great success. Before choosing any business, it is important to find the value along the way. Groundnut resells business is a business idea that can be started on a very small investment and become a big success. Groundnut comes to our place mainly from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Gujarat. These are available with or without shell.

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How to start a groundnut business?

Groundnut can be roasted or raw, packed, and served raw. Roasting ground nuts and adding masala can make a good profit.

Apart from these, if you do a Google search, you will find other options. Machines for peeling groundnuts are available at India Mart. These cost around Rs 4 lakh. Initially, a manual machine can be purchased for Rs 10,000.

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Up to 50 kg per hour can be disassembled using a manual machine. In addition, the single-phase machine can be selected to disassemble 100 kg.

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Groundnuts can be purchased by bulk order directly or through framers. Prices start at Rs 60 per kg at India Mart. Prices also vary slightly depending on the quality. Even if all these costs are taken into account, some come at only Rs 30 per kg. That is, it can make a profit of up to 300 kg per kg. Groundnuts are a business that can make a profit of around Rs 50 per kg after all costs. But the person processing must have a health card.

There is no doubt that the ground nuts business is a business idea that can start at a very low cost and be highly profitable.

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