New Information’s from KSEB 2022

The ever-increasing electricity bill is causing major headaches for ordinary people. It is important to note that no one has yet found a proper solution on how to reduce the electricity bill. Especially with the increasing use of refrigerators, and AC in hot weather, the general public has to pay more than they can afford.KSEB has now issued a warning that work requires constant use of the fridge. Now you have to pay extra for a unit of electricity. The renewed current charge is around 95 paise per unit.

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What is the new information from KSEB?

Homes that regularly use refrigerators are more likely to have a steep rise in electricity bills. The capacity of the fridge should be determined by the number of members in the house. In a house with only four members, a fridge with a capacity of 165 litres has to be used. The rating required to prove the efficiency of the fridge is also given outside of them. Be sure to choose refrigerators based on the star rating provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficient BEE.

When choosing a fridge, it is important to know how much power they are consuming based on the star rate. When using a two-star fridge, the power consumption is 706 units. Using old-fashioned refrigerators with no star rating would require about 900 units of electricity.

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Based on the star rating given on the fridge, the number of current users will also decrease. The star rating is based on how much electricity the fridges use per year. Make sure the fridge fitting is well ventilated. If the rubber provided around the frame is outdated then be sure to replace them. Rubber parts will affect your efficient functioning. Moderately hot foods should not be placed directly in the fridge for any reason. If you remove excess cold items from the fridge, be sure to heat them only after they have cooled.

The utensils need to be arranged in a neat and orderly manner to make the best use of their space. Failure to set the refrigerator cooling properly can lead to ice clogging and loss of energy in many ways.

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Those who like to use the fridge will be able to control their electricity bill to some extent if they pay attention to these things. You can watch the video to know more.

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