How to Start Banana Leaves Business from Very Low Budget

Banana Leaves Business: Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about success. But starting a business with low investment is not an easy task. Before starting any venture one should understand how much demand there is in the market for it. To manufacture and distribute products in accordance with. Depending on the climate of our country, business ideas related to agriculture can be implemented very well. Here is a business idea related to banana leaf.

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How to Start Banana Leaves Business from a Very Low Budget


In our state, the banana is one of the most widely grown fruits in agriculture. Of these, banana fruits are in high demand. These will give results very easily once carried. Once planted, they can be found in the plot as well as in the entire field.

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That’s why introducing the njalipoovan banana leaf business here. In our state, there is a huge demand for banana leaf in the Tamilnadu region as well. Banana leaves are widely used in hotels, especially in places like Tamil Nadu. Even if you sell a thousand banana leaves a day, you can still make a decent earning.

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For those who own a plot of land close to home or not, the plot can be leased to start a banana leaf business. It is important to note that the banana business is unlikely to fail. This is because the banana leaf is one of the most sought after items in the market. The profit from selling 1000 banana leaves at 3.50 paise per leaf is 1750 rupees earn from a day. In our place, the land on which banana leaves are used is of great importance. The only thing a little difficult here is finding and marking the hotels that need banana leaves. But once the hotels are found, the banana leaves can be distributed there continuously. The banana leaf business from njalipoovan is one such business idea that can be started with a very small investment with great success. Watch the video to know more.

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