Solar Car Kerala – low budget

Solar Car Kerala: Petrol and diesel prices are rising day by day. Many people are wondering what can be used instead in such a situation. Although electric vehicles have taken their place on our streets, the explosions that occur when they are used and the fact that people use electric vehicles are frightening. Here is a description of a car that was built using solar energy for essential purposes. Learn more about the car’s construction and usage.

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How to work the solar car?


12 volt 50 watts 3 panels are required which can get 50 watts out. In hot weather, the car will be charged automatically. The car uses four batteries.

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The clutch and accelerator are provided at the front of the car. The solar panel is fitted on the top of the car and is very easy to use. The car’s name is SRV solar car.

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The car can be used for a whole day without having to charge the battery on essential sunny days. The steering of the car is provided by altering. Seat arrangements can be cut and set as required. The wire was welded and tortured where necessary.

The tool used in the scooter kit was used to power the car’s accelerator. The other connections were made after the body of the car was fitted. It can be taken in reverse as easily as it is used by the general public. The total cost of building such a solar car was close to Rs 17,000. With petrol and diesel prices rising day by day, there is no doubt that the concept of a solar car will have to be implemented in the country. Watch the video to know more about the solar car construction method.

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