How to make a inverter at low cost ?

During monsoon, one of the major problems the households in our country face is the power outage. In many places, there is still no power for a week, not for a day or two. The solution is to use inverters in all large homes. However, it is often not possible to become an inverter at a high cost. Learn how to make a low-cost home inverter.

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How to make an inverter at a low cost?

First, you need to take aboard and give the required two-in-one to plug in the out socket. If a 2-in-one socket is used, special punching is required.

Then drill two holes for the 3 way connector. Tighten with the nut bolt provided at the bottom of the cabinet part.

Ensure all the materials needed to build the inverter are purchased correctly.150 or 100 watts board is required. Automatic charging of the battery can be selected as required. The work can be done very easily if the automatic inverter board is selected.

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Connect 2 wires to the board and select the required figures. It is better to use red and black coloured wires. Heat a single piece of wire and fix the connectors. How to give the cheerful part red and the negative black. You need to connect it to 2 wires and connect it to the wire at the centre of the transformer.

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Take a board with a minimum of 35 w and connect it. It is best to provide the bottom connection first to make the connection easier when making the connection. Then enter the connection of the neutral phase. connect a capacitor to supply the required power. Then check that the inverter is getting power cut automatically three times.

When the inverter starts working, the current is switched to AC and starts working. Then the case can be connected and the inverter can be used. This way You can build an inverter for essentials yourself at a very low the video to know more.( വീഡിയോ കാണാൻ watch onyoutube എന്നത് ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക )

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