Home Making Electrical Items Low Cost in Kerala

Electrical wiring is one of the most important security measures in a home. If the electrical work is not done properly, it can even challenge the safety of the people in the home. At the same time, it is difficult for ordinary people to buy electrical products at high prices. Most people are looking for a place where they can get good quality electrical products at very low prices. Such a place is introduced here.

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What kind of electrical items are available here?

Switches of different brands are available in the shop. Everyone can choose the best quality switches for their needs at the lowest price from here. The flat type switches which are very trending now are available in different models in the shop.

The Horizon brand starts at Rs.45.The shop has a large collection of switches of different designs and colors. Also, zencelo, a brand from outside India, is available in different models.
Everyone can choose the switches according to their need.

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Design type switches are available in the shop at low prices as per the requirement.It is also possible to convert the switches provided in the old houses to the new ones. You can select the appropriate type of switches. Even government contractors choose products from here. Therefore, there can be no doubt about the quality.

The meter box and the db box can be designed and selected in quality which is in modern trend. 90m packs of wire like V-Guard can be selected as per the requirement. The price of a box is Rs.1145. These are more expensive because of the project packing.

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Bldc latest model fan starts at Rs 4300. Apart from these, regular fans of brands like Luker are also available here. The fans are here at for wholesale prices.

Tilting Type Tube Lights starts at Rs 800. Everyone can set the light according to their request. In addition to this, all the lights on the gates and bedroom lights can be found in the shop.

Those who want to buy all kinds of electrical products at low prices can contact the ‘Look Light ‘shop in Ernakulam. The contact number is given below.watch the video to learn more.

Contact- 9995661513

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