How to Repair Fan Regulator – Step by Setup

Repair Fan Regulator: One of the major problems we face in our homes is that the regulator is not working properly. Often these seem like a minor problem, but only when the fan is spinning at full speed. It is interesting to note that the wind is so high during the winter. But at a cost of Rs 10, anyone can fix a home fan regulator. Let us understand in detail what are the things required for that.

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How to repair fan regulator?

For this, take a bulb and connect it in series to the fan regulator. The phase must be connected directly and without the regulator in the same way as the fan is connected. If the bulb is working in full bright mode when turned on, then the regulator is compliant.

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Then loosen the screws provided on both sides for the regulator. All you have to do is use a screwdriver. Then the regulator board should be loosened.

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A potentiometer is required to repair the fan. A coil is required for speed control.
Often the problem with the coil potential meter does not mean that the coil should work properly.

Then the board should be soldered as required with a soldering iron. The track marked BT136 should be removed. It should then be checked with an ammeter.

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Then check that all the pins are working properly. These types of problems mainly occur when using a fan regulator. Therefore each pin should be checked properly. Then connect the regulator and check if it is working properly. Then let’s check if the regulator is working properly. The fan regulator can be repaired in this way at a cost of Rs.10 Watch the video to know more.

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