How to start a distilled water business

Distilled Water Business: Invertors Have a Common Part in Them, that Is the Battery. in A Battery, the Most Important Part Is Distilled Water. Distilled Water Has a Very High Market. in Kerala, There Are Not Many Companies that Make This Distilled Water. There Are only A Very Few of Them. So, We Can Take This Chance to Grow Our Business in Distilled Water and Make Money out Of It. We Can Make Money Using a Small Distilled Water Business. in This Article, I Will Provide You with All the Information One Needs to Know About a Distilled Water Business.

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How to Start a Distilled Water Business?

The Start-Up Money for A Distilled Water Business Is Very Low. One Thing We Have to Note Here Is that This Distilled Water Business Requires Training. Because This Business Is Closely Involved with Chemicals. so One Has to Get Proper Training Before Starting the Business.

The Important Things that Are Used in A Battery Are Water and Sulphuric Acid. They Are Used in A Special Proportion in A Battery. so One Has to Study the Mixing of Water and Sulphuric Acid, Study the Proportions Etc. for That, We Can Contact Dic. Dic Will Arrange All the Things for That and They Will Give You All the Directions to Use.

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How Will We Do Business with This Battery Water/distilled Water?

We Can Make Battery Water and Sell 5 Litre or 10 Litre and Earn Money from That. the Money for Making One Litre of Distilled Water Is 15-20 Paise. for Starting This Business, First One Needs to Have the Plant for Distilled Water at Home. the Rate for A Normal Distilled Water Plant Starts from Inr 80000/-. but We Can Also Buy a Small Distilled Water Plant Which Costs only INR 9000/-. the Rate Increases for Bigger Distilled Water Plants. I Provide You with A Link for Such Distilled Water Plants. You Can Check All the Details Here:

How Can We Sell Distilled Water?

If We Want, We Can Hire Distributors to Sell the Distilled Water. or We Can Sell Them at Main Workshops/service Centres/shops Which Sell Parts or Things Like This. We Can Also Sell Them Directly at Petrol Pumps/batteries or Invertors Shops/ Service Centres. Then We Can Take Orders from Them About how Much They Will Need for A Month or So and Make According to That and Sell It to Them.

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Firstly, Before Starting This Business One Has to Go and Meet People Who Might Know About This and Get All Relevant Data About the Market, Expenses Etc. only Then You Can Start the Business. by Selling a Bottle of Distilled Water We Can Get the Half of Mrp Rate of A Bottle of Distilled Water. Distilled Waters Are Usually Sold in A Bottle of 5 Litre/10 Litre. but You Can Also Sell It as A Bottle of 1 Litre Also. for A Small Distilled Water Business, We Need a Plant Which Can Make 200-500 Litre/hour. We Can Use This Plant to Start a Small Business and Get a Large Income. We Need to Get a Licence from Panchayat/municipality/corporation for This Business, a Licence from Health, Pollution License (pcv – No Objection Certificate). We Can only Start This Business by Getting All of These. Then We Can Set up This Plant at Our Own Home. There Is No Need for A Kseb Connection.

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